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Getting Used to Things

Hey there – TGIM! (??) If you are a person who LOVES Mondays, please let me know. I need a little Monday love motivation over here!

This weekend we spent time over at my parents’ house watching this little thing prance around and steal the show.

It’s funny how the room can be packed full of people, but every eye is trained on the puppy. Does she need to go out? When did she drink last? Is she chewing on Ben’s power cord (oh no!!). Etc, etc..

One thing I find super adorable is that whenever she needs to take a little nap, she’ll crawl right inside her nighttime crate (mom carries it into the kitchen during the day) and she’ll plop there in some amusing poses.

Mom & Dad were down for Special Olympics cheering on Alex in the Winter Olympics 800m and 400m snowshow competitions. Ever the athlete, Alex took gold in the 800 and silver in the 400 – despite being sick and throwing up right after the 800. Poor guy – way to go!

We hung around playing computer games with Matt and amusing ourselves with the dog until the folks came home. Then Mom whipped up one of the family’s favorite dishes – Porcupine Meatballs. Ben had never tried them. I haven’t touched grains ALL MONTH so I passed and did plain beef.

I also passed on the fluffy brown rice. Oh carbs – how I love thee!

But I did indulge heavily on the broccoli. Mmmm

As for breakfast eats, it’s almost like Summer here. The store had a HUGE sale on berries and Ben and I stocked up. Ben’s breakfasts have been looking like this lately:

Blueberries (or strawberries) in vanilla almond milk

And I’ve been eating my weight in ruby red grapefruit. Good stuff.

As for Hailey – I think she’s pretty used to us now. We’re working on treats to getting her to do her business outside but I understand, potty training in WI Winter is NOT fun!

Back to class tonight. Ben is in town all week for the first time in a month. Yay!


4 Responses

  1. OMG….puppy Hailey is BEYOND cute!!!! I love the photos you are posting of her and can’t wait to see her as she grows.

  2. You just gotta love puppies! Hailey is such a cutie. Give her a big SQQQUEEEEEZE for me.
    You had some good eats going on there. Is that butter I saw on that broccoli? Ever try lemon on your broccoli instead? It’s yumm-O! 🙂

  3. She is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!!

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