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Busy-ness Begins Anew

Whew – with classes over for the week I am now 1/6th of the way through the semester. Helps to think of it that way rather than having 10 weeks to go, right? My life is back to writing everything down so I don’t forget important things (like the water bill!). I am perfectly fine with rent being paid on time, but I have to write a check and drop off the water bill, it’s ALWAYS a random due date, and I so prefer auto-pay!

Can you believe it’s a week from February? I love it when Winter scurries along. Thinking about the New Year so far – it hasn’t been bad goal-wise. Would you believe I’ve had ZERO sugar and ZERO bread/grains since the the 3rd when I went back to work and began my January diet? Crazy!

I’ve been eating more of this:

And none of this:

But, I must confess I am now dreaming of cupcakes topped with layers of sweet, velvety frosting, warm chocolate chip cookies with melty chips, and bread with melted herb butter. I need to stop looking at food blogs – ha!

Meanwhile, the Little Princess is doing great – and the boys are tuckering her out! Everytime I go over to get a quick cuddle she’s fast asleep!

I love this picture – it really shows just how tiny and precious she is. Seriously, would someone breed a dog that STAYS looking like that even fully grown! Awww

With Ben in TX and no classes left this week, tonight is some cleaning and starting my first paper this semester. Figured I’d try to get as much done as I could in the beginning. We’ll see how that works.

Happy Wednesday!


3 Responses

  1. Now I want a cupcake LOL!

  2. Hi Ali, OMG…just read your last posts. HAILEY!!!!! BEYOND cute!!!! SOOOOO cute!!! Can’t wait to see how your little tiny grows!!!! She’s GORGEOUS!!!!!! AWWWWW!!!!!

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