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New addition to the family!

It’s a pretty sad Monday football-wise. Both of the teams I cheered for ended up losing. Now it’s either root for a team I can’t stand or root for a spoiled quarterback I can’t stand.

Hmm – or root for no one?

I think this year I’ll suggest football be on in the background (so we can catch highlights and commercials) and we focus on family boardgames and healthy munchies. I’d like to bring some wild food over,  thinking maybe cheesy kale chips but we’ll see!

This past weekend there was a new addition to the family! Just as some background, last May we (Mom/Dad and family) were looking to breed the family dog Sandy. Things were going super well and we had the puppy due date on the calendar.

Then she got an infection which led to a surgery that removed all her birthing parts, she wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep, and kept breathing very heavily. Mom trekked her back and forth to the vet every day.

Without going into the details of her eventual collapsed lung and absesses, let’s just say that in a matter of 1 week’s time, we went from being so excited for puppies to having to put our beloved dog down. It was terrible and Mom definitely took it the hardest since she and Sandy were such good pals.

After time and thought, Mom and Dad decided the boys (and they too?) needed a replacement. So we went back to Sandy’s breeder and good friend.

After 8 weeks of snuggling and weekly visits, please welcome home Hailey!!

Just 8 weeks old and an adorable bundle of soft, warm fluff!

Ben’s a HUGE golden retriever fan and, if I’d let him, he would have gotten one of her sisters. I told him if they made goldens that stay THAT size full-grown, then I’d let him. (Please ignore the tree! With Ben being here 4 days out of the last month, we’ve been busy with other stuff)

Puppies make for fun amusement and a lot of giggling and staring as she sniffs clothes and runs around in circles.

Xavier needs to learn puppies can jump! 🙂 I think they are best friends already!

Ha ha 🙂

We’ve got icy roads and RAIN here today – making traffic terrible. I was driving down the road and all of a sudden my car died!! In this kind of dangerous driving conditions! Scary stuff – back to the car repair shop again. Hopefully (cross your fingers for me) the roads will be OK for driving to class tonight!

Let’s get this week off to a great start!!


One Response

  1. Oh my gosh – how utterly adorable! Puppies and kittens are just too cute for words!

    Football… ugh. This was the super bowl I did not want. These 2 met only a few years ago! Although, I am rooting for the Giants so that the Pats don’t win.

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