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A case of bad apples

Whoa. Where is that 40 degree heat wave when I need it! It’s officially starting to feel like Winter in Wisconsin. Check out today’s forecast:

I guess 2 beats -2 right? It’s windy too, which doesn’t help much. It’s that type of cold where you can feel your nostril hairs freeze up each time you breathe. Ha

I borrowed Ben’s car this week since he’s in 70 degree TX sunshine and my car is being repaired, but his SUV is wider than my car and I’m not confident in my ability to drive it into my tiny garage stall. So it’s sitting outside andI get to scrape the ice off every morning and freeze.

You’ve all heard someone being referred to as a “bad apple”. You’re also familiar with a person’s bad attitude being referred to as “sour grapes”, right? Well those aren’t just cute little names people conjured from thin air, and if you eat enough fruit (or are just unlucky) you’ll have your own fair share of bad apples and sour grapes in your lifetime.

Case in point:

Yummy, don’t you think? It was funny because it looked absolutely perfect on the outside. I’ve also had grapes so sour I had to spit them out and celery that was really really bitter.

Taking advantage of Ben being gone, classes starting, and job transitioning, all of my meals are pretty simple. Plus I’m also shooting for some weight loss this month and am actively monitoring sugars and starches. Meals have been consisting of eggs in the morning, and then protein, veggie, and fruit for lunch and dinner. Snacks are larabars and yogurt.

Here’s an example of a typical dinner for me

They had some gorgeous looking ruby red Texas grapefruits. Since Ben’s living the high life there, I figured it was fitting to get some myself.

Delicious – I wish all fruits were in season all year round 🙂

I got through the first week of classes and that means just 11 more weeks to go! The schedule at the beginning of the semester always looks jam-packed with quizzes, reading, papers, tests, solo projects, group projects, and group presentations. I’m going to see what I can get out of the way ASAP so if things get crazier at work, I’ll have less school stuff to worry about.

Off to work, have a super Tuesday and stay warm everyone!


4 Responses

  1. We’re finally getting the nasty winter weather as well. Even though we’ve been lucky so far, it’s hard getting used to .
    Good eats! I love grapefruit!

  2. Eew! What a bummer! I’d take them back to the store. That’s a lot of effort though, and I usually just throw it away. But if they are all bad, definitely complain.

  3. Bummer about the bad apples! GRR!!! That’s worth a phone call or email to the store. (actually, email with the photo) Keep warm down there, and have a good Wed Ali.

  4. Ewww- that apple is gross! Disappointing, too. I hate getting bad fruit.

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