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Here’s the latest news on everyone’s mind:


Well this glorious uncharacteristic weather was fun while it lasted. Last year the first big storm of the year was Dec 11th. The year before it was the 9th. So we’re ahead of the curve.

I am paranoid about snow driving and always take precautions so last night I waited for an hour and a half to get my snow tires put on my car. Now it appears the alignment is off. Sheesh. So that means a call today and ANOTHER hour+ wait tomorrow to get it fixed. That’s even if they’ll agree to look at it again for me.

After that, I had a busy night fooling around with this stuff:


I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a member of Toastmasters International with a group at work. In order to be an active member, you have to attend so many meetings a year and give 2 speeches. With class starting Monday (BUSY) and the new job getting ready to ramp up, I thought I’d get this one over with now. Today.

I didn’t have as much prep time as I would have liked but I think it will be fun. Instead of a normal speech, I’m going to give an interactive demo. I’ll start with some background and fun facts and then walk everyone through making a sailboat (pictured above). Took a while to get one that was simple and quick enough to cover in my 5-7min speech timeframe.

I threw in some fancy pieces to show. I have a bit of history with origami. Back in my youth, years ago, I was in 4-H and I’d enter my yearly projects in the summer fair. I’d been trying for years to win a Best in Show and watched  my older brother win one, my best friend win one, but nothing for me.

And then one year I won two in the same year! One was for an awesome display or origami I’d done. I had a huge bouquet of flowers, cute little gray mice, pinwheels, a Japanese pagoda, and other misc cute things.

I think most of that hit the garbage in years since then, but I still have one of the (now crumpled) flowers and my star which I hang up at work:

I haven’t done any in a while and made lots of mistakes getting ready for my speech:

My non-speech project currently underway is a baby blanket:

Remember the baby blanket I was working on before for the baby I was *convinced* would be a girl? I’m still not sure, but they wrote on facebook that they are making the room cream colored with baby green / jungle theme so now I am making a cream-colored blanket and I’ll weave a green border around it. Will post final pictures when it’s completed!

No snow coming down yet but my snow boots are being toted into work with me. I’m prepared and hopefully will make it home tonight safely and back to work tomorrow OK. Nervous!


5 Responses

  1. I don’t like winter driving either. Makes me nervous. I live in a small town (500) and the nearest town is 25 miles away. We’ve had a lot of wind the past couple of days and when it snows the visibility is poor. We only got a dusting to a half inch of snow yesterday in southern MN. But, it is cold now, 12 degrees here as I type this. Good luck with your tires. Have a good day.

  2. Are you from the Green Bay area?

  3. Oops, I just read about you and you are from Green Bay. I should read more before asking things. Hope you don’t get too much snow.

    • Yup – Green Bay here! I am such a wimp when it comes to winter driving… sometimes I think I should just move to California and be done with it all.

      But then I’d have to deal with earthquakes.

  4. Those origami are so pretty! Very talented.

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