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What makes a house (or cube) a home

I made it!

Officially I survived Day One of the new job! The first days of any job, to be honest, are never that bad from a work standpoint. There are lots of meetings and more meetings followed with the standards how-to’s and what’s expected stuff.

The tough part was more of the emotional aspect of leaving my old co-workers and being in a different floor with new faces, new expectations, and a brand new kind of work and department. It’s scary. It’s terrifying. It’s exciting.

I’m a pretty change adverse person. I like routine and planning. I also tend to think that although the grass may look greener on the other side, my pessimistic part of me tells me that it’s actually worse and you’ll regret it. That mindset keeps me stuck in unhappy situations but it also helps me by knowing I’m in a stable job where I know what is expected of me and what to expect. Every. Single. Day.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be positive. This job was a huge, huge step for me. I have no idea if I’ll like it. I have no idea if I’ll do well. But, as I try and remind myself, it doesn’t matter. I will give it my best effort, learn what I can, and go from there. The goal right now is to take it a day at a time.

Meanwhile, setting up the cube really helps make it feel like “work home”

Old cube all packed up (I shared my cube with another co-worker who whistled annoyingly all day):

And here’s my new cubicle:

All alone. I’m glad to have my own space again – and there’s more storage for folders and misc items. With everyone in this area having their own cube, it makes things much more quiet. I do better working in the quiet… but I miss overhearing some of the fun banter. Does that make sense?

So now I need to put up some fun pictures and little things to make it comfy and inviting. I tend not to go overboard but I do like a few pictures of me and a certain someone…

Who has been gone for FAR too long and needs to come home now! 😦 ha ha

As far as my D&E program, I’m doing great! With my first week in the bag, I’ve lost over 2 pounds. Probably not realistic once school starts next week and Ben’s back in town but it’s a super start! I’ll hit those 31.4 pounds out of the park this year.

Heck, maybe I’ll lose 40?

And maybe I’ll love my new job too.

It’s good to be positive isn’t it? 🙂


2 Responses

  1. How do you go to work and school? That must take up so much time, or is one of them part time?

    • It DOES take up a lot of time. When the semester begins, I feel like I have zero free time. I am only taking 2 classes, but in the Master’s program that is considered full time. I also work a minimum 40 hours a week (but I’m salaried, so sometimes it ends up being 50… or 60).

      I’m working on my time management skills, lots of pre-planning, and MANY pep talks from Ben on how this will all be over in 2 1/2 “short” years. 🙂

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