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Fun purchases and getting settled

I love productive and relaxing weekends. Don’t you?

I spent a good part of the day knocking items off my to-do list of purchases. I have the results of my CAT scan now, as well as solutions/remedies, and am busy sorting through it all.

I’ve never been a fan of Dr offices just because they tend to be so sterile, full of threatening looking equipment, and you sit and wait so long you imagine all kinds of awful ailments!

But, at long last, I got to see the results of my scan:

That’s ME ladies and gentlemen! The great news is that the steroids and antibiotics knocked out my nasal polyps. They are gone and all my passageways look clear. The bad news means that I only have a few possible treatment options:

1. Avoidance (meaning you minimize your exposure to the stuff that you’re allergic to

2. Medication (we all know how well my body loved being on meds last time)

3. Immune therapy (weekly shots for 3 years of small doses of my allergies)

At this point I am really unsure of what to do. There are risks with the immune therapy (and a LONG commitment that doesn’t work well with my job schedule) but it would, in theory, remove my allergies after the 3 years. I’ve never been a fan of medication…. so for now I’m starting with avoidance / mitigation.

And here we go!

I’ve been dusting and vacuuming like a crazy-person all weekend. Even going so far as to heavy-duty carpet clean my stairs.

Then the sun was shining and I decided to clean my porch window. Which took 4 tries, 2 different cleaners and STILL has lots of streaks. Well… at least it’s dust-free!

I bought an air conditioner cover. This was more for keeping the cold air from hitting me as I type on the computer but I bet it will work great for keeping pollen out in the Summer when it’s not in use.

Although I think they need to hire someone to proof-read their packaging:

Ha ha ha ha

I had muddled over whether or not to buy expensive allergy pillows and went with allergy pillow cases (which I can’t stand) and then found allergy pillows at Walmart for cheap. Almost too good to be true – but at that price I can toss them out every 3 months and STILL come out better than one allergy pillow per year.

And let’s not forget the important allergy mattress cover!

I started with my bedroom and all the bedding has been washed in hot water, the room was thoroughly dusted, vacuumed, and is good to go. The next step is to steam clean the carpets – which should be a fun project for this week along with tackling the rest of the rooms.

Today also marks my first day in my new position at work. I’m excited and terrified – although terrified is winning at the moment. I’ll just do my best. A job (or any situation really) is just what you make it. I want to make it a great experience for me.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. John got weekly shots for a while, but he felt that they didn’t help enough to keep going with because he would still need to take some type of asthma meds, which also help control his allergies.

    Good luck with the new job!

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