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A spur of the moment trip

Yesterday was unbelievably spectacular outside! I dashed outside for a quick second without a coat on and it *almost* felt like Spring. This is MY kind of January weather!! Love, love, love it!

After some quick errands, I got a text from my friend Jeff. He lies 4 hours away and wondered if we’d like to do an uncharacteristic Winter luncheon. Generally we get together in the Spring and Fall because I’m a wuss when it comes to Winter driving, but since the weather was so perfect it was the perfect opportunity to catch up!

Jeff wanted Applebees for lunch so that’s where we met.

While I may be on a strict diet while Ben’s away, Jeff is not. He got the kiwi lemonade (What is it about green or blue drinks that I just can’t handle??)


And onion rings…

(Can you see all that sunshine coming in!!)

Jeff was kind enough to pose for you bloggies:

Classy man isn’t he? 😉 We have such fun hanging out. It’s too bad he lives so far away now. 😦

I went with a salad with chicken – dressing on the side please!


Probably wasn’t the healthiest item I could have chosen but I’ve been doing great all week and I really wanted that salad. So I ate slow and really enjoyed it. Yum.

After the 2 hour drive back, it was time for more laundry and cleaning. You wouldn’t believe the silly/crazy/insane things this girl will do to try and de-dust her apartment. 🙂


In other news… tomorrow I go back to work IN MY NEW CUBE. It will be a big adjustment for sure and I’m a bit nervous. I want to do well and so am hoping I will like this. Wish me luck!


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