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A Little D & E

Last night was the most beautiful sunset. I wish my camera could do it justice because it was gorgeous. I think one of these years I’ll need to move up to a camera with some better options – although the one I have was probably the best present I could have received at the time. Plus it’s slim and tiny and fits right into my purse.

With Ben gone off parading about in 70 degree sunny Texas, I’m living the single girl life in 40 degree WI. It’s ironic though that the weeks he’d be gone are so unseasonably warm for us. I love it.

I have lots more free time since class doesn’t start for another week yet, so I’ve spent this past week with a little “D & E” – diet and exercise. I mentioned how I began rebounding. It’s a blast!

My rebounder is really basic but it does have a nice gauge which tells me how long I’ve been jumping, how many bounces per minute, and the calories burned (I don’t really trust the calories – they don’t input height or weight or test your pulse so I expect to it be very general).

I jumped while watching my TV show Wednesday night and plan to again today. If you want to try – remember to get a good sports bra! It’s amazing how good of a workout it is and it’s fun because it’s something I haven’t done in a while.

As for the diet part, I’ve been buying more fruits and veggies and watching portion sizes. I’ll update my weight loss each Monday and am hoping for good numbers this week.

Here are some of my typical eats this week:



Now get out there any enjoy your day!


2 Responses

  1. When I was a teenager, we had a rebounder, only it was called a mini trampoline then. Funny how trends come around again and again.

    I am actually going to walk outside today. Low 40s feels so good after 2 degrees LOL!

    • It was called a mini trampoline for me too! I think the term “rebounder” is meant to associate it with actual exercise rather than fun non-purposeful bouncing around.

      ENJOY your walk today. The sun is shining and it’s glorious here!

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