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Catching up on the New Year

The last few days I’ve been searching my apartment up and down trying to find the USB connector that I can use to plug my camera drive into my computer. No where to be found. I’ve found a lot of other stuff but no drive. Just as I was getting desperate enough to run to BestBuy and plop down a ridiculous amount on a replacement, I called Ben – who informed me that I left it at his house. –sigh–

Anyways, I’ve been lucky to have other non-picture related stuff to blog about but my camera is filled with fun stuff you haven’t seen yet! All my Christmas cookie baking!! And my New Years pics are too cute not to share.

Ben has been in Texas since early Tuesday and with the exception of a short weekend back home the 14-16, won’t be back until the 20th. I am a single chica. That means a jump start on the diet this month since I don’t really like to eat out alone (aka I HATE it). Never fear, my camera has a few awesome recipes as well so there will be great reads coming up!

Meanwhile, I’m backtracking for just a second to show you how I spent the last day with Ben before he took off to the land of 70 and sunny – where people are apparently wearing heavy winter coats, scarves, and mittens (huh?).

Without further ado – I give you New Years! 

Ben’s first roommate Nick was in town from California and stopped over to ring in the new year with us. There was lots of champagne and beer for the boys…

Ben even picked up some pink champagne for me but it still was a little bleh for me.

We played games for hours – laughing and catching up. I didn’t know Ben when he lived with Nick and it was fun to hear their crazy stories

There was also plenty of general shenanigans

When we woke up, we found snow! There’s been very little this year so far (thank you!!!) but when the temps hover around freezing, you need to shovel even the tiny bits ASAP so you’re not left with ice. You should have seen how bad the roads got!

Ben made quick work of the driveway

After watching an AWESOME Packer game and heading out for dinner, I made Ben drive me past the craziest Christmas light display in town. I seriously wonder how the neighbor next door handles this.

Sorry for the quality – but you can get the general, insane idea!

It’s a corner house that is just completely decked out in lights. People are always stopping and pulling over, they get out of their cars to walk up and down the sidewalk. There’s so much to look at it’s crazy!!!

Fun stuff 🙂

As for today? I’m packing up my cubicle in preparation to move upstairs to my new department on Monday! Yikes – time to get this new job going! Mom and Dad invited me over for dinner tonight. It’s supposed to be over 40 and rumor has it Dad’s grilling.

Love this kind of January weather.

Happy Friday!!


4 Responses

  1. I love games! They make us laugh so hard. Even just playing Hearts 😀

    Still cold here, but high of 38 today, so getting much better!

  2. I LOVE games like that. My husband, not so much but he’s a good sport and plays along. Yay for Ben finding the usb!!! Have a great Thursday Ali. Happy packing!!!

  3. Apples to apples is the best game ever! Looks like you had fun.

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