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Spotlight on: Urban Rebounding

Have you ever tried urban rebounding? It happens when you just get out of a relationship and then insist on only dating guys from the city because you need someone that’s worldly and mature.

Ha, right.

What is urban rebounding?

Urban Rebounding simply means you are using a mini trampoline as your workout equipment. It is low impact on joints. The majority of the exercises require bouncing on the trampoline, which takes away some of the shock to the joints and bones that you would sustain from jumping up and down on the floor.

While you can do simple workouts on your own, there are even workout series that can be purchased that offer a variety of styles and fitness options! The benefit is that these workouts can be done inside the home without taking up a lot of space like treadmills or other exercise equipment.

What are the benefits?

Urban Rebounding is supposed to battle fatigue and helps the body store fuel, which increases endurance. Like most cardio workouts, Urban Rebounding strengthens the heart, reduces blood pressure, helps with weight loss and improves circulation.  The up and down movement also helps flush the lymphatic system. NASA has tested and proven that rebounding lowers cholesterol, improves coordination and enhances the digestion process.

What equipment do you need?

All you need to get started is your favorite workout clothes, a pair of shoes, and your rebounder. I bought mine at Walmart for $25 and they are easy to find in stores now.

There are two kinds of trampolines: those with the stability bar (in the picture above) and those without. If you feel like you need the extra assistance, then go with the bar. Mine doesn’t have one and I’ve never been concerned about flying off. (Yet 😉 )

Amazon also offers a wide variety of the DVD workouts you can purchase – some excellent looking ones are very reasonably priced too. I didn’t even know some of these workouts were available until recently and can’t wait to get one!

What exercises can you do?

  • Jumping jacks
  • Kicks
  • Hopping from one foot to another
  • Punching
  • Walking or running in place
  • High knee lifts: Bend one knee and bring it up to your chest (or as high as you can) and alternate legs.
  • Twisting: Twist the bottom half of your body to one side, back to center and then to the other side while keeping your shoulders and chest straight.
  • Skipping
  • Yoga / balance moves
  • Bouncing up and down (engages core)

Here is a short video showcasing some of the workout styles available if you are more of a DVD exercise person. Please note I am not endorsing this particular program and have never tried it but am using it merely because it shows a wide variety of exercise styles you can use with a rebounder:


Question of the day: Have you ever rebounded before? What was your experience?

We had a huge trampoline growing up (rectangular, not the new round ones) and two people could do flips and jump around without getting into the other person’s space. Our favorite thing was putting the sprinkler under the tramp while we bounced away. Great stuff!

More Resources:


What Is Urban Rebounding? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6501420_urban-rebounding_.html#ixzz1iXgpKNf1


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  1. I’ve come across trampolines on many occasion but always for fun. It’s a super idea for a workout and nothing could be more fun. Great idea!

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