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Merry Christmas!


Ever since I was a little kid, Christmas eve was always the longest night of the year. I’d eagerly cuddle into bed, check the clock a million times, *try* to sleep, and think about when I’d wake up… I usually had some sort of previous agreement with my brother Matt – the first person to wake up on Christmas morning HAD to wake the other person up. We’d tiptoe quietly to the other person’s room, tap lightly on their door, and then in hushed, quiet measures we’d grab our stash of presents and scurry into the living room to carefully place our presents all around the ones Santa had brought the night before.

After surveying names on the packages (we never disturbed anything though), we’d grab our stockings and head back to one of our room’s and wait and wait… and wait. Mom and Dad had the rule you had to wait until 8am to wake them up. When we were young that rule made sense because Dad was usually up until 3 or 4am putting together Hot Wheels or our kitchen set. We could open our stockings ahead of time though and that was always awesome. I don’t think Mom and Dad were asleep till 8 – I’m pretty sure they were listening to us as we giggled and opened up our stockings.


Fast forward to today. Since I live in my own apartment now, there’s no scurrying off to wake Matt up at 6am (or 5:30 one year!). Ben will swing over to pick me up around 8 and then we’ll head to my parents to open presents and have breakfast. Then it’s over to Ben’s folks for presents and dinner, then Ben’s extended family for dessert, and back to my parents for the football game. Should be a wonderful, busy day.

I feel very blessed this year. What a lot of things have happened! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and it’s my wish that you all have time to spend with your loved ones as you celebrate the Reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas and may God’s blessings shine on you in the coming year!



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