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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – outside

I woke up this morning and there was bonafide, genuine snow outside! I didn’t think we were supposed to get any at all. It’s not enough to last and probably will all be gone by the time I leave work, but it was there this morning for all the snow lovers out there.

And it managed to make me slide right through a stop sign. Love snow, I do.

One of the benefits of making a huge pot of fantastic chicken soup is that you have tons of leftovers and won’t need to cook the next evening.

Tasted fabulous the next day too!

I’m getting painfully aware that time is drawing short to get all my loose ends tied up before Sunday.

Would you believe the only gifts I’ve wrapped are those I did for Ben? These aren’t even all of his because a few boxes were the same size and I told him I wouldn’t wrap more until he put the gift tags on so we’d know what was what.

And then I saw this pathetic off-kilter gift tag slap and was resigned that Ben can do his own wrapping. (Men!)


Last night I HAD to get my Christmas cards out in the mail. I slotted last night for cards, tonight for presents, and tomorrow for cookies. Sheesh, this is one busy girl!

I love glittery Thomas Kincaid cards and I think I went overboard a few years ago and bought 6 boxes of them. My poor friends and family have gotten the same ones for years (I do try and rotate but it’s hard to remember who got what). This year they should just be thankful they GOT a card from me!


Aren’t they pretty? I have glitter on my hand this morning. Ha Ha

OK: Where are you guys with wrapping, baking, and cards? Are you all done? Are you way behind like me? What’s the best Christmas cookie to make!!


5 Responses

  1. Those are pretty cards. We had the same thing with giving the same card for a few years LOL! We did not even get any out this year. Christmas really snuck up and with our jobs and how the holiday falls on the weekend this year and time just got away from us.

  2. I love the snowmen on your cards! I didn’t do Christmas cards this year – too much going on with my husband’s surgery and hospital stay – maybe I’ll get New Years Cards out! 😀

  3. We sent our cards out last week or the week before. And I thought I was slacking… haha.
    Our presents were wrapped… we just unwrapped them this morning. The joys of traveling for Christmas, we thought we would have a little family Christmas this morning, since hubby has off today!
    I didn’t buy anything for anyone else, because of lack of money. They will get cookies instead… Speaking of cookies, I have a lot to bake today! And I would say Spiced Sugar Cookies are the best to make! They are my favorite, and just make me think of Christmas!

  4. FINALLY – the wrapping is done and out of the room. It was looking pretty messy.
    Thomas Kincaid always has gorgeous stuff. Very warm and cozy looking.

    I’m done with baking and still trying to get into the holiday spirit. It’s tough without the snow on the ground.

  5. Love those cards Ali. Wishing you and Ben and wonderful Christmas and nothing but the best in 2012.

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