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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Will Santa be able to park his sleigh in the rooftops if there is no snow?

I guess he would have to be able to – otherwise what does he do with those kids in Florida?


Last night the rain was POUNDING down. I can’t imagine how much snow that would have amounted to and was SO thankful it was just rain. I have never had a Christmas without snow. I remember a few years ago it looked like we may not get snow and the news showed a guy who bought a snow machine and was blowing snow all over his lawn. It was pretty funny too – his yard was all Christmas white and his neighbors on either side had bright green grass. 🙂

I’m thinking it’s coming soon though. I can smell it. Maybe I just have visions of how LONG winter lasted last year. Snow in MID April? No thank you!

But we are ahead of the game this year. Two years ago, on Dec 9th (my brother Dan’s birthday) we had a HUGE snowstorm and everything was closed. It was crazy! They named that storm, well, a picture is worth a thousand words right?


This was just a WEEK after Ben and I began dating. Of course the FIRST storm isn’t spelled quite right… but still, do you think that’s a sign??


Anyways last night I met up with my friend Renee at HuHot for some Mongolian food




And I’ve been a little shopping machine. Got some new pillows on a crazy sale as I’m slowly working towards replacing and washing bedding, frantic vacuuming, and anything else I can think of to help with the allergy issue.


My boss at work took our group out for a pizza lunch. We’re doing some re-org within the department next year and a lot of people on my team are moving under a new manager. So it was nice to get us all together for some pizza and paninis. It was my first panini ever – and it was delicious but wayyy too filling.

My boss also made everyone homemade granola. He’s quite the cook – we could choose between chocolate cherry and dutch apple walnut. I went with the apple:

Looks tasty eh?


I’m on vacation for the rest of the week. The plan is to grab my brother Matt and see if we can finish off Christmas shopping today (Thurs has GOT to be less crazy than the weekend right?), need to swing by my mechanic’s to get the first quick broken part installed on my car (next week will tackle the other one), and then Ben and I are off bowling with my department tonight. Busy day but that’s good.

Have a great day! Later!


One Response

  1. Yay for vacation!

    We have rain here, too, right now. We are supposed to have milder temps this winter, but more snow. Ick. Last year there was a lot of snow. We may not have a white Christmas this year.

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