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It’s Dec 14th, in WI, and it’s RAINING

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen! It’s raining in Green Bay!


I really don’t like snow. Correction: I really don’t like what snow does to the roads. And my sidewalk. And the front of my garage. And my work shoes.

You prolly think I’m a silly girl for living in Wisconsin then eh?

But I also hate extreme heat (80+). Blah!

Anyways, it’s raining and in some areas they are expected to get a full inch of rain – think how much snow that would be!! Eek!

Last night I got my car scanned at Auto Zone. Definitely recommend! They were friendly, plenty of staff on hand to help, and I got all the answers I needed.

My 02 sensor and my air something valve something need to be replaced. Parts alone are looking at $85. But at least that explains my low gas mileage. Just waiting to hear back from my mechanic to schedule the work done.

Ben and I have done well with buying the groceries but I am learning I need to be over at Ben’s to make the crockpot stuff so it’s ready the next evening. Work in progress. 🙂 After we got done at Auto Zone it was too late for anything we had on our menu, so we *cringe* went out again.

We went to our usual breakfast place and I looked for some healthier options.

Salad with the tiniest slice of tomato ever!

Bread basket

Ben’s chicken noodle soup


Ben ordered the sausage sandwich and wished it had some sauce or cheese

And I got a chicken stir fry – holding all the extra soy sauce – it was huge, tasty, lots of good veggies, and I only made it through about 1/3 of it!


Ben was eyeing up the 99 cent banana cream pie

And my meal came with a tiny strawberry shortcake. I made Ben eat half 🙂

We also made a quick stop after dinner and I knocked another Christmas present off the shopping list. I now have ideas for everyone and just a handful of things left to buy.

Today is my last day of work this week and I’m looking forward to getting the car fixed, finishing the present purchasing, and making some headway on the wrapping!

And keep that rain coming too…


3 Responses

  1. You should think about San Diego. Isn’t it mid 70s year round there? Then you would have to be a Chargers fan!! Booooo…..

  2. Yay for the last day of the work week. Good luck on the wrapping.

  3. Woohoo for the last day of work for the week! Breaks are always nice!
    I’m seriously tired of the rain. It is December… it is time for some snow… a little snow… snow not on the roads, or sidewalk, or in front of your garage, snow.
    Don’t you want a white Christmas, Ali?!

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