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Caught up in excess

Does anyone else get so caught up in the flashy ribbons, pretty new wrapping paper, and amazing sales that they purchase more stuff they don’t really need?

Going way back to when I was a kid, I always had to have the fancy wrapping paper – with matching bows (usually multiple ones on a package) and ribbon. It became one of those fun things – having fancy gifts for family and friends to open up. I’m not sure why, but I’m one of those people who loves wrapping presents. I haven’t started wrapping yet this year but Ben and I were in the store looking at Christmas lights and I got caught in the 60% off sales..

I guess blue and white is the theme for this year. Check out how adorable the gift tags are!!


I am happy to report that we were able to find some lights and ornaments for Ben’s tree. It’s funny – I just wanted another $5 box of multi-color glass bulbs to replace some of mine that have cracked… and you can’t find plain glass bulbs anywhere! They are all “shatterproof” in odd colors and styles. Very modern. We also discovered that plain multi colored lights are sold out everywhere. We got some interesting ball shaped white lights. We’ll see.


So now we’re all set for tree-trimming and will re-evaluate all the decor and lighting next year. 🙂

Actually am looking forward to this week of work. I am taking Thurs and Friday off, so only need to work 8 hour days instead of the usual 9hrs. Thinking of bringing my workout stuff along and spending that extra hour in the gym. Plus my cubemate is on vacation so things will be nice and quiet.

Now I’m off to sip some decaf, play some Christmas music, and enjoy the Christmas lights on my tree and of all the homes I can see out the window.


One Response

  1. Getting caught up in 60% off sales is a habit of mine.
    Seems like Christmas stuff is always on sale this year!

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