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Decking the Halls

Ahh the beauty of a vacation day. And a Friday on top of it all! First order of business was tackling the crowds in search of a Christmas tree for Ben’s house. Ben doesn’t have a tree – he has a festivus pole.

He was informed the festivus pole is not going up this year.

I was informed that he does not want to tackle pine tree needles.

I gasped at the idea of a fake tree but was open to look.

And I stopped by Santa’s workshop to let him know I’ve definitely been good this year!

I should state that I absolutely abhor fake Christmas trees. Maybe it’s because we never had a fake tree growing up. The only fake trees were freaky looking store window trees. Blah! I understand the practicality behind the $$ and the time but for me, it’s gotta be a real tree!

After scouring several stores and not satisfied that any might possible pass as being real except some $250 8ft tree that wouldn’t fit, we drove over to my mom & dad’s to grab their fake tree.

When my parents moved down to Green Bay in Dec of 2003, everything was hurried and the tiny house they were renting while we waited for our new house to be ready could not handle a real tree. We had a fake tree. And it was a sad Christmas. 🙂

But we compromised and borrowed the fake tree for this year and will re-evaluate next year. Kinda looks sad doesn’t it? We’ll have to get some decorations to spruce it up!

Not sure why but all day I’d been craving green olives. Is that weird? I’m NOT an olive person. Interestingly enough, none of the pizza places we ever go to HAVE green olives as a pizza topping. It took 4 phone calls to find them! But you can get pineapple everywhere. Odd, yes?

Glorious chicken, green olive, and onion pizza! My craving has been satisfied!

Then it was time to contradict myself and unwrap my *cough* fake tree. I bought this tiny 4ft guy when I was living in the college dorms. Real trees were not allowed and I wanted something that fit. My current apartment is on the second floor, around the back of the building, and I can’t see how I’d get a real one inside. So I make do (and spray a lot of glade evergreen … which really doesn’t help).

But what I do love is that the tree and the trimmings fit nicely in the box.

For some reason 4 of the bulbs don’t have hooks on them. Where on earth would they go?? Little tree needs a few more to balance things out. He’s not quite strong enough for heavier ornaments. –sigh– another trip to the store is needed.

(Why are so many people shopping?? The crowds are INSANE!!!!)

I also started throwing my random Christmas decorations around – like my Christmas fleece blanket

And look what I won at work: a snowman cookie jar (too bad I have 2 other ones and no one to re-gift this guy to!)

This weekend should be full of some organizing, laundry, Christmas present list finalization (hate waiting to the last minute to BUY but I’ll wait till the last minute to WRAP), and possibly a Christmas cookie brainstorm. I figure I need to make one batch.

Are you a real tree, fake tree, or no-tree person?


4 Responses

  1. Where is Santa’s workshop? At the mall?? We want to take baby girl, but since this is the first year with her, and our first year living closer to GB, I don’t know where to go. I figured the mall probably had Santa… but I didn’t know. And I didn’t want to drive down to Appleton.. blech.
    That cookie jar is adorable! You’ll just have to make more cookies to fill him up too! 🙂
    I love, love, love real trees… but haven’t had one in years! My parents bought a fake one… um… when I was probably 13 or so… because the cat would climb the real one, and my stepmom didn’t like cleaning up the needles. So they got a fake tree. Once I moved out and had my own apartment, my roommate and I bought a fake tree, because real ones weren’t allowed. I’ve had that “6 foot” tree ever since. I wanted a real one this year, but wasn’t sure with the rules in the new apartment. Oh well, the tree was only $15 and it’s still holding up okay…
    I also love your fleece Christmas blanket! So cute!
    And.. one final thing (I KNOW!).. the pizza looks delicious!! Now I’m craving some.. Thanks Ali, thanks a lot.

    • Ha Caylie. 🙂 I love your comments.

      This set-up was in the East Town Mall (E Mason Street) where you can get your picture taken with Santa. It seemed like the cutest backdrop I’ve seen so far.

      Yes apartments aren’t friendly for real trees. ONE day we’ll both get our real ones.

      Sorry about the pizza cravings. 😉

  2. I would love to have a real tree, but John is allergic. For the first few years, we had a real tree. John didn’t tell me he was allergic because he knew how much I loved the real tree. Now that is true love. When I found out, we switched to artificial. I don’t mind it so much and it is nice night to have to get rid of a dried out tree after Christmas.

    We might upgrade our tree after Christmas when there are the good sales on artificial trees!

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