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Now We Wait

Ahh the lead-up day before FRIDAY. I got my Friday off approved by the boss and I have visions of Christmas decorating dancing in my head. Yay!

I am through with the interviews. Yessss! It is truly amazing how worked up and nervous I get doing them. Everyone says the more you do, the better you do. Maybe that’s true for how you answer questions but it hasn’t seemed to help my nerves.  But it’s done and now whatever happens is out of my hands. Time to wait and see.

Didn’t feel like doing much for dinner last night so we just coated some chicken breasts and popped them in the oven.

Some parmesan cheese, some pecans, some italian seasoning, salt, and pepper.

Beautifully golden and juicy

Ben was on “side dish duty” and made some brown rice and veggies

Not sure how I feel about microwaving my veggies in the plastic “steamer” bags… Might need to talk to Ben about that…

Ben is great at reminding me to take “pretty plated” pictures for you blog folk. I think he’s been watching too much Food Network with me. 🙂

I literally cannot WAIT to be done with work today so I can go home and start the weekend. We had a production deployment and I needed to get into work before 6AM. I’m a little tired. I’ve got my to-do list organized into categories: must-do, nice to-do, extra credit. We have two trees to decorate this weekend. I have music to blare and obnoxious Christmas songs to sing while I work.

All is good.


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  1. Have a fun Friday off!

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