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The Importance of Pre-Planning

It happened! I am officially DONE with my first semester. Wa-hoo! One down, 5 more to go. Nothing has been posted yet but I am cautiously optimisitic.

This means that for the next 6 weeks I can try and get back into some kind of regular routine. School two nights a week and group work and then homework ate up so much time that on nights I managed to drive over and see Ben, we’d both be too tired to do anything for dinner, which would result in way too much eating out.

Case in point: how do you resist a cute guy asking you to go out for dinner at a new Mexican place? You don’t.

I’m always interested in the decor. This painting was right next to my head.

Usually I like most Mexican dishes I get but this was not great. It was supposed to be chicken with a marinara sauce, rice and beans but the chicken was some oddly shaped pounded thing and the sauce was downright nasty. I tried scraping a bunch off but it didn’t work that well.

Ben fared a little better with his chicken in a cream sauce

Obviously eating out is hard on the pocket book and hard on my waistline. We have some Christmas events coming up soon and I’d like to do more pre-planning on the days when we’re not doing anything.

So hopefully more of this will be in my diet each day:

But planning takes planning and all I had in my cupboards was rice cakes and my favorite peanut butter. I threw in some more nuts for more protein/fat.

I succumbed to the holiday coffee and got Pumpkin Spice and Iced Gingerbread. Was thinking of those Starbucks lattes that were so good but so expensive.

They’re so expensive because they taste better

Not really impressed with the gingerbread. Darn it all. Will try the pumpkin tomorrow. Maybe it’s just time to stockpile the “holiday blend” that I really love from our local chocolate shop.

Interview #1 in a couple hours. Dressed to impress (I hope). Now to just chill, relax, and TRY and calm down a bit. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. WOO HOO!!! BIG congrats to being done with the 1st semester!!!! Good luck with the interview! Let us know how it goes!!!

  2. Yay for the semester being over!! It’s too late now, but best wishes for the interview! Hope it went well 😀

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