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Fond memories and a look into the weekend

At last…. it’s Friday. It’s the most wonderful day of the week (and yes, I am singing that to the Christmas song tune).

Today was supposed to be a vacation day for me but instead I have to go into work an untangle some messes. Other people get behind, I need their work done to get my work done, and so I’ve spent the better part of this week just waiting… And now it’s not done and I can’t take vacation.

BUT today is a great day! Two years ago I walked into Applebees and met Ben. We ended up eating and chatting for more than 3 hours that night and the following day he had completely lost his voice. He’s never talked that much since. 😉

I have a feeling we’ll go out somewhere tonight for dinner to celebrate. It’s been a good two years. Thanks Ben. ❤

Last night I headed to the bar to meet up with my old group of co-workers for our monthly get together. I’m so glad we do it. It does remind me how much I miss my old job and the people there but I am very thankful we get to stay in touch this much.

I went for my drink of choice – Sex on the Beach. I wish it had a different name though. It was double bubble – so you get TWO pictures!


They also had a buy one get one free sandwich deal going on. I ate amazingly well all day so I could splurge a bit without feeling guilty. I had a chicken bacon sandwich with fries. I haven’t had bacon in months. It was amazing. I felt guilty.

Fingers crossed I get out of here today at a reasonable time. Then depending on time I’m either going to hammer out my last final exam or get started on Christmas decorating. Yay!!

Christmas decorating makes me very happy. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Happy first date anniversary!!

  2. Yay for first dates at applebees!!

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