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Many Thanks & Nerves

First off, a big thanks for all the wonderful comments and suggestions you gave me on yesterday’s post. I definitely need a plan of action to tackle this newly found weight!

I should admit I’m a bit of a basket case of nerves this morning. Work is crazy-busy, I have my CAT scan over my lunch break, and then (eeek) I have the interview at 2:30. Way to make me sweat it out all day long. Sheesh. I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m excited, and I’m hopeful. A lot of important stuff is going on today for me.

Ben knew I was in a bit of a panic mode last night and volunteered to make me some dinner. He made chicken mac & cheese but added broccoli. I looked at it, wondered why it looked so orange and then took a bite.

Me: Umm wow, that has quite the kick doesn’t it?

Ben: I added just a tiny bit of cayenne pepper in it. Didn’t think you could even tell.

Me: *cough* Yup, I can tell. *cough*

Ha ha

Once I had a few more bites it wasn’t so bad. I’m just not used to super spicy the way he is. I like things mild and on rare occasions when I’m feeling fiesty I’ll even pick up Medium salsa. Oooh such a rebel!

When I made the pumpkin cheesecake fantastico for Thanksgiving, I left a little bit of the batter out to make room for the thicker nut crust and the sour cream layer. What was left was sitting in my fridge in a tiny ramekin calling my name.

*eat me… eat me… EAT ME!!!*

So I did

I’m struggling with eating anything right now. I feel guilty on every non fruit or veggie choice and have even begun to question the amount of fruit I am eating. But I know the real thing is I need to hop back into the gym bigtime.

And then I found an eBay deal for 3 Cathe DVDs for $5. I had a DVD somewhere but lost it and it was such a great workout. These will be fun to try.

Ironically just yesterday Mom brought over two DVDs that I had left at their house at one point. And there was my Cathe DVD. Oh well.

Now I’m munching away on snap peas. I also bought a bag of organic carrots. I think those would be good work snacks to munch on – until my co-workers tell me I’m too noisy. 🙂

Now I’m off to work and to try and crank out a bunch of work all the while looking at the clock and fitting those other important tasks in.

Wish me luck!


2 Responses

  1. I love hot sauce! I can lick it right off a spoon 😀

    Don’t get down on yourself. I know it’s hard, but you can only do the best you can!

    Hope the job interview went well!

  2. Mmm .. the mac and cheese looks delicious!
    How is the biggest loser workout DVD? I want to add to my collection of workout dvds, but there is nothing worse than purchasing a horrible one, that just gets pushed to the back of your collection, gathering dust.

    Hope everything went well!! Keep us posted!

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