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Ready for the Holidays!


Since today is the last day of my work week, it’s officially “Friday” for me! Yay! I don’t know about any of you, but I’m getting really excited. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. To me they’re just a great time to be mindful of the things that are important in life. There’s also so much to do and see – it’s fantastic.

I’ll fully admit to being a little antsy today at work though. I’m as bad as a little kid on Christmas Eve – itching to get on with things.

Tonight after work I am swinging over to pick up our bibs and t-shirts for tomorrow’s Turkey Trot. When I initially signed up I was worried it would be freezing with slush and snowy muck everywhere but the temps are forecasted to be ridiculously awesome (high of 55 anyone??) and there is no snow to be found anywhere. I think we lucked out.

I’m just doing the 2mile and fully plan on walking the entire distance – there’s no way I can do more with how off I’ve been these past weeks. But I think that’s good, because the only way I could convince Ben to join me was if I was walking. This might be our only run/walk together.

Last I heard Alex was doing the 5 mile run so we could end up having a full cheering section with the family there. Fun Fun!


Now… for a very important question.


Tomorrow Ben and I are spending Thanksgiving with his family. Friday we are doing Thanksgiving with mine. Ben’s mom didn’t indicate we should bring anything (and I’m guessing Ben didn’t volunteer – not a guy thing right?). However, the Turkey Trot is giving out little pumpkin pies to everyone who finishes the race.

Is it majorly tacky to bring store-bought pumpkin pies with us? Normally I am ALWAYS homemade all-the-way. These pies will not get eaten by my family. We could donate them to charity.

I already have a plan on what to take to my family’s house – mom and I always iron that out early on so she can menu plan.

Naturally we would let Ben’s mom know we were bringing them, and ask if she would want them or if she was OK with desserts. I just want to know if it’s pathetically awful to even suggest bringing store bought pies.



One Response

  1. I would take the pie and say it is your celebratory race pie and leave it at that. Any small token is appreciated.

    My BILs brother works for Sara Lee. Every Thanksgiving he brings Sarah Lee pies, even though we always have homemade ones.

    I am turkey walking tomorrow as well. I don’t think our weather is going to be as nice though.

    Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

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