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Vegging About

The weekend is over, the work week has begun…. but it’s just a short one. Hurray!

I’m a lazy weekend blogger. On Saturday I dragged Ben with me to the Green Bay Time Warner Cable Holiday Christmas parade. I love parades. Growing up, our city had an evening parade. It was always freezing and the gutters were full of dirty snow. I used to cringe watching kids pick up candy.

This parade felt much warmer. Ben and I went for breakfast and walked down to the parade. Neither of us had been there before so we just followed the crowds. We got positioned really well – just a 1/2 block down from where the cameras were broadcasting for the TV. So the hour before the start they had various local talent sing and dance while we waited.

The parade was LONG. The Memorial Day parade usually lasts about an hour. My toes went numb 90 minutes in and there was still a LOT left. I looked at Ben, he was more than ready to go (Ben is not a parade person), and we took off. I didn’t need to see Santa.

I forgot my camera and had Ben take some on his phone… but I am here and Ben’s phone is not and so you get no parade pictures. Sorry bloggies.

I think when I left off on Friday I had roasted butternut squash to make a quicker version of the lasagna.

I just whipped up the sauce, folded in cooked pasta, and it was done!

Topped with a little parmesan

Ben said he liked the cooked lasagna flavor better. This also was missing most of the cheese and whole milk the original recipe called for. Much lighter version!

I also had to partake of the buy-one get-one coffee deal at Starbucks. I had a hankering for the Eggnog Latte and then for my free one I got the gingerbread spice. Minus all the whipped cream and fun stuff. –sigh–

Would you believe the gingerbread was better than the egg nog? I never would have guessed. Almost didn’t even want to finish the egg nog one. Ha Ha Gotta say though, $4 for the SMALLEST one? Eek – Starbucks is an expensive hobby eh?

On Sunday as we drove to get breakfast at 8:30 we saw all the early bird tailgaters. There were grills all fired up and smoking and lots of partying already going on. Lambeau tailgaters are serious about tailgating!

All the bars near Lambeau have various inflatable signs and beer bottles.


Would you drive this car? I’d be too afraid no one would see me. Plus, where do you put your groceries??

Parking lots, empty lots, gas stations = everything is a tailgate zone!


5 Responses

  1. I love the eggnog lattes, but I find the gingerbread ones too sweet. The eggnog ones are super rich, though! I have them cut it with half skim milk and half nog.

    I love parades, but really – they can be so long sometimes!

    • I like em sweet. 🙂

      Normally the Memorial Day parades by us are only an hour, and the weather is nice. What was crazy was all the amazing candy they were throwing for kids. Normal parade stuff is tootsie rolls and other penny candy. They were throwing out mini candy bars. Sheesh!

  2. That squash dish looks SO good! Definitely something to curl up with on a cold day.

    And as for those SmartCars..I think it’s pretty cool they’re made out of 85% recyclable materials..but no, I wouldn’t drive it. I’d be too scared of getting blown away!

  3. Oh, how I love Starbucks red Christmas cups. But I cannot stomach paying those prices! Plus, I’d rather support the local coffee shops.
    I will probably hit up Starbucks once this winter… just for the spiced cider… in the red cup. Gosh, I’m lame.

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