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Chicken Soup for the Soul

It’s FRIDAY! We made it! Woo Woo

Is your Friday off to a great start? I certainly hope it is!

Last night I was home alone working on getting some class project work done. I have one group paper / power point / presentation left and then the 2 take-home final exams. The plan is to get in my 1/2 day at work and then scoot home to get my section of the paper done, some progress on the power point, and one of the final exams knocked out of the water.

Reward? It’s good to have a reward for hard work right?





For any avid coffee fans, Starbucks has a BOGO coffee deal going on from 2-5pm through this weekend. I’m picturing two tall skinny somethings in my future. I’d like to try some new flavors and just go with the smalls so hopefully won’t feel ill like I did when I had my late pumpkin spice latte!

So Ben may have been away for work, but the night before he made me some chicken wild rice soup because he knows I’ve been feeling so awful.

I think we’ve both really enjoyed trying out new recipes lately. I still laugh that Ben says I “ruined” grocery shopping for him. Now he’s forced to read labels. Poor Ben! Ha Ha Now things are getting better for him though, he knows which brands are OK and has seen me buy stuff enough to know what to grab.

I really love soup in the Winter. I have a couple other recipes I’d like to try. Would you believe neither Ben nor I have ever made or HAD homemade chicken wild rice soup? Not sure why, it was creamy, rich, and super tasty.

Last night there was the prettiest sunset. It was dark purple. Pity my camera made it look kind of yellow. You’ll have to trust me on this one.

And then I turned around and saw some of my flowers are still blooming despite the frost, freezing overnight temps, and my lack of watering. Hardly flowers indeed.

Last night I got the idea to make my butternut squash lasagna again but only this time trying to speed up the process. Rather than peel, slice, and roast the squash, I just cut in half and roasted. I’m just going to make the sauce and pour over noodles rather than do the whole lasagna thing. Figured I’d get the cooking out of the way right away.

Now I’m all prepped and ready to go! I also cooked some sweet potatoes. I am going to see what I can come up with for those!

Hopefully something more creative than the plain tater with sugar and butter. Not that that isn’t tasty.

Have a super Friday everyone!



3 Responses

  1. How about sweet potato biscuits! Yum! I am *so* glad it is Friday. These last 2 weeks have been crazy busy.

  2. That soup looks amazing!! You need to post a recipe!! I would love to make it!

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