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So Now What?

Progress – that’s the theme of today’s post. I’ve decided to stop weighing myself at all during the course of this medication stint. It doesn’t make sense to keep inflicting dread and anger when I have no control over it. The plan is to just get through the next 10 days of meds and then assess and make a plan.

The frustrating thing is when it seems like you need to go back two steps in order to go forward one. Last year when I went in to get my sinuses looked at, the Dr just gave me some nasal spray and sent me on my way.

So here’s a question for all of you readers!

What do these things have in common?

I’m allergic to both of them!

The allergist called me last night and said that dust mites (Both kinds) and grass are my major allergies at this point. Not sure I know too much about dust mites except that I’m happy to have a new mattress at this point! But GRASS? Sheesh what a thing to be allergic to.

So my CAT scan is scheduled for 2 weeks so they can see if there are any other issues further back. My allergist meeting isn’t till the week after Christmas though. I guess the lady only comes into Green Bay one afternoon a week and that’s hard for me to get off of work in the middle of the day.

The plan now is to keep up with the nasty steroid, try not to worry about the severe weight gain, research all about protecting your apartment from dust mites, and hang in there!

Question: Do you have any weird allergies? I never thought I did until now!


3 Responses

  1. John is allergic to grass. It is hard whenever we go by a freshly mowed lawn. He is also allergic to dust and pollen! Poor guy.

    If you are on steroids – do stay off the scale. It is not your friend right now.

  2. Hi Ali, good plan to stay off the scale while on the meds. Why put yourself through it, and lets face it, your weight is out of your control right now…and your energy is better spent getting better. My husband has nasty seasonal allergies, spring is not his favorite time of year. Hope today is a good day for you!!!

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