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Not a minute to spare!

Ever have one of those days where you lazily planned this-or-that, had a wonderful plan in your head – neatly wrapped up in a fancy bow with shimmering paper – only to be able to come up with a hastily tossed together paper bag?

That was my Monday

But before I get to that, I tried something new for breakfast – apples in my overnight oats. I shredded two small apples, added some chopped walnuts, a bit of maple syrup, cinnamon, and let it sit overnight. Not sure it was my favorite but it’s good to keep trying new stuff right?

Lunch was another salad but I didn’t add the cranberries this time. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but with the cheese, walnuts, and pepitas… adding sugary cranberries was extra calories I can live without!

So today at work is a designated “Food Day” where people all bring in food and you basically just graze all day long. While I’ve been off the antibiotic for a day now, my stomach is even worse. I’m hungry all the time, I feel like there’s a bowling ball in my gut, and I’m restless. Ugh

The plan was to whip up some mini egg quiches and bring them. I’ve given up the idea of eating healthy on a food day. When nothing tastes good, you’re starving all the time, and there’s an array of unhealthy sweets… it’s just impossible. Hopefully I can find some soup in the cafeteria for lunch for something a bit healthy. Anyway, so I spent my lunch hour looking for recipes, getting ideas, and was all set with a game plan until Ben texted that his folks wanted us to come over to watch the game.

And this is how I arrived at Plan B

I had a lonely box of carrot cake from who-knows-where and pumpkin. So I mixed the two and decided to make pumpkin carrot muffins.

During the prepping and cooking process, I managed to knock over a pitcher of water, unroll 1/2 a paper towel roll, stub my toe on the corner of a cabinet, and misplace one of my oven mitts.

This carrot cake had reconstituted carrots and raisins in it and… I didn’t like em. Didn’t like the consistency and wasn’t wowed by the flavor. They were a bit blah.

So I grabbed them, packed em up, and after a quick grocery store stop after the game (GO PACK GO) proceeded to be up until 11:30 frosting them with CANNED FROSTING

The horrors right? I figured most people like canned frosting. Personally I thought it tasted horrid. This morning as I hit the break hard while some lady futzed around with her cell phone at a green light, they scooted all around in the container and ended up some floppy mess of canned frosting pumpkin carrot-ness.

Any bets if they will even be eaten today?

BUT I did package up some fruit so I could nibble on that today. Right now fruit sounds good but not much else. I’m seriously wondering if I need to just call the Dr and end this steroid stuff right now. Another 2 weeks? Not sure I can make that!

And I think I need one of these when I get home tonight!


4 Responses

  1. Poor Ali. Are you on the tapering part of the steroids yet?

    This seems to be a tough time of year for everyone!

  2. Hope you feel better soon.
    As far as baking goes, I always find if I’m not in the mood to bake, EVERYTHING goes wrong.

  3. Feel better soon Ali.

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