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The Perils of Fine Hair

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone and a big welcome to the weekend.

I love Fridays. Maybe because there is so much possibility with the entire weekend in front of you?

Today I took a much needed and long overdue trip to get my hair cut. My stylist recently moved and now I get my hair cut across from a  corn field.

Before shot!


Isn’t it a cute set-up in here? Each stylist has their own little room for clients. It’s much more quiet and I don’t have to listen to the loud hair dryers or weird gossip.


All done! Not much different is it? I swear I have the finest hair ever – it never really thickened up from when I was a little kid. So, after maybe 10 seconds, it just flops. Bangs flop on either side – it’s ridiculous. So most of the time I just wear it in a pony tail. I’m so hip aren’t I? 😉

The plan was to make something for dinner tonight but Ben got stuck working an extra 2+ hours so we decided to grab something we didn’t have to cook. HuHot!


I’m really not big on croutons. I usually grab one and chew thoughtfully, remember I don’t really like them, and pick the rest off. Tonight was no exception. Plus, I don’t need the enriched white flour right?


My plate! What’s funny is that I put spicy sausage in my bowl and as soon as I sat down I stared and stared wondering what looked “wrong”. Once the sausage was identified it was neatly placed on the side. Yummy plate of piping hot veggies, chicken, onions, and sauce.

I have a busy day tomorrow. Looks like I’m meeting Ben for our regular weekend breakfast, then off to get in my final research observation, dash over to the annual craft sale to check out Christmas wreaths (It’s early, I know but you go when the craft fair is right?) and then scoot over to meet my friend Mel for a pedicure!

Have a great night everyone!





3 Responses

  1. No hot sausage for you? I love the hot stuff!

    Laughing at your before and after pictures 😀

  2. Hi Ali, so fun about the before and after being so similar! You look pretty in BOTH shots! 🙂 Have a great week.

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