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A Month Without Meat

Ahhh… the weekend is over. Vacation is over. My 1o-day boot camp is over (final weigh in tomorrow am and results tomorrow)

It’s always great to have a week off isn’t it? For some reason, I always fill the time with lots of important stuff to do and not a lot of quality R&R time. Maybe next vacation??

A little over a month ago, I quietly stopped eating meat. Ben was pretty much the only person who knew; I was trying to keep it low-key. Why? I didn’t want anyone passing an opinion on me (once people found out, you’d be surprised how EVERYONE became an overnight health expert) and I basically just wanted to see how I felt.

Let me begin by stating that my thoughts and feelings are indicative of how this related to me personally. I did not consult a Dr and would encourage anyone thinking of making a drastic health change to consult their Dr first.

I’ve read a lot of information and I do think living without meat is a very healthy way to go. It was interesting how I had to pay a LOT of attention to what I ate every day to make sure I was getting enough protein.

I discovered some awesome foods:


Ben’s vegan rice and beans


Butternut Squash Lasagna



Raspberry Crepes


Restaurant Pizza


Homemade pizza

Greek yogurt became a necessity – along with quinoa, whole grains, and beans.

Over the course of the month, I really lost the taste for meat. It wasn’t that it smelled bad, I just didn’t crave or feel like I needed it. Whenever Ben and I went out, I always found some vegetarian option and was happy with that.

But despite finding fun new foods, I felt awful. I was tired all the time. I double checked my protein. I double checked carbs, I faithfully recorded my food for the first 2 weeks and I still felt sluggish, tired, and generally hungry.

Oh yeah… and I gained a whopping 5 pounds!

I know my body isn’t a fan of carbs, grains, or gluten in general. Trying to eat vegetarian without the addition of soy made me even more reliant on grains. I really do better with more of a “modified Atkins” type of diet. Basically very limited sugars and starches.

But this is all part of the journey right? You need to keep searching until you find the right balance that makes you feel awesome and ready to tackle the world. I should add Ben is thrilled that I’m eating chicken again – he was running out of creative bean/rice ideas! 🙂

So for now, back on the low grain kick. Was good to try and I will try and incorporate knowledge I gained while eating vegetarian when recipe planning in the future. I’d like to still get a meal or two a week in without meat.


4 Responses

  1. Ack on the 5 pounds! That’s never fun when you do a trial of something. However, that might even out over time if you consistently at a lot more grains.

    I am sure it will drop off again when you go back to eating more like you did before.

  2. Good for you, giving meatless a try.
    Are you a fan of fish or shell fish? I won’t eat meat but because I can’t do a lot of grains and I only like rice and pasta once in a while (and in limited qty), I eat a lot of fish and egg whites.

    • I wish I was…. but I pretty much view fish/shellfish the way a hardcore vegan looks at a rare steak. Ha Ha – I just can’t get past the taste/smell. But I like the idea of doing more with eggs. I need to find some fun new recipes to try.

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