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A Dr Visit

You can now call me Ms Medication!

For the last couple years I’ve experienced trouble breathing through my nose. Normally, for day-to-day activities, it isn’t much of a problem but when I exercise, the problem is magnified. I have a lot of difficulty regulating breathing because I can’t get adequate oxygen through my nose when my heart rate is elevated. Last year I went and saw a regular GP who told me I was “a little stuffed up” but that it wasn’t even bad enough to warrant an allergy panel.

Fast forward to this past Sept when I did my annual 5K run/walk and ended up with a heart rate that hit 200. I’ve been investigating different OTC medications on my own but haven’t had a lot of success. Besides, if I’m just allergic to something simple, I’d rather know and eliminate that rather than keep hitting the meds right?

So I spent this afternoon seeing an ENT. They drew blood to test for allergies, numbed my nostrils with Lidocaine, and stuck a long scope up each nostril to check things out. While it wasn’t actually painful, it definitely wasn’t comfortable. What was really weird was having a large TV screen right in front of me and watching the scope work its way through my nose. EEK!!

Here’s a pretty close picture of what the instrument looked like:


As it turns out, I have a polyp. Most are not cancerous and I’m not really worried at this stage. However, he did schedule me for a CAT scan in 4 weeks. Until then? I’ve been prescribed FIVE medications to be taking. I’m not much of a pill popper (unless the pill is a vitamin) and I am really nervous about all this.

– A nasal rinse (no problem, can-do… I think)

– A STRONG antibiotic

– A steroid

– A strong nasal decongestant

– An allergy medication


The last time I was on an antibiotic the side effects were so bad I ended up stopping 4 days before I was scheduled to stop. Now I’m supposed to be on this for 3 weeks along with the steroid, which the Dr even told me makes lots of things worse. So before I stop and get any prescriptions filled, I’m going to head to the vitamin shop and see what they have in the way of probiotics. I have a feeling I’m going to need a TON.

I’ll keep you posted.

You may or may not have noticed (I don’t post all or even most of my food) but I haven’t eaten meat in a month. I did a lot of research and decided to give it a go for a full month to see how my body felt, see if I noticed any good or bad side effects, etc, etc… I’m wrapping up my month of vegetarianism and Ben made me more vegan rice and beans tonight.





What a guy. Tomorrow night is my turn to make dinner. I am, after all, the one on vacation right?? (So why do I feel so busy this week!!??)

So except some fun posts coming up – I need some November goals, a wrap-up on vegetarian eating, and I have a lovely butternut squash that needs to be cooked up.


Stay tuned!


2 Responses

  1. Your nose thing sounds similar to my nose/breathing. I never got it checked out, but breathing wise it sounds very similar. Especially while exercising. I could never breath well while running though, so I never thought anything of it.
    Hope your nose/breathing gets better with all the meds!

  2. Boo to having to take all the stuff, but at least you have a working diagnosis!

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