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Was your Halloween spooktacular?

Ever had one of those moments where something happened that you knew you should take advantage of but it was such a long shot and there were so many reasons not to… that you didn’t?

Last Friday there was an internal job posted that I want so bad. It’s exactly what I want to do career-wise. The trouble is most organizations have a pecking order and there is always someone “in line” ahead of you. I just really don’t want to wait the 5+ or however many years is takes to get there. I know I could do the job now and I despise all the corporate red tape. So I spent most of the day stewing about it. I knew if I applied and didn’t get it I’d feel rejected and potentially heartbroken for a while, but if I didn’t apply, I would never get anywhere. So at 9:15pm I drove back into the office and applied online.

Now you can cross your fingers, toes,  eyes, etc for me that something good comes out of it. I’m so nervous already!!

I did spend time this morning de-stressing (or trying to) by enjoying my 60min of bootcamp activity of the day outside.

And even though I had no where exciting to go except class, I still put my costume on:

Just in case you can’t read it:

What’s funny is that I am often called “Ali Cat”, so this made sense.

Trick or treating started at 4 so I drove over to Ben’s to man the candy until he got home from work.

Do you know how hard it is to have a huge bowl and not be able to eat any? ARGH!!!

The first kids to knock were a little brother and sister. I made the novice mistake of letting them pick the kind they wanted. The boy politely took a piece and started to walk away. The sister took 2. The boy saw, immediately started crying LOUDLY to his mom, and I flipped another piece into his bag as quick as I could to alleviate the problem. *cough* apparently it wasn’t the right kind. More crying.

From that point on I maintained complete control of the candy bowl. Each kid got one piece and each kid got the same piece. (Notice how I grouped the kinds together to make it easier?) Control freak? Not me!!! Lesson learned baby!!

We made good progress on our group project in class today. I need to help write a survey and conduct a focus group before next week’s class. Oh yeah, I have a paper due on Wed for my other class. Vacation, what vacation – this girl is B U S Y!!


Happy Halloween everyone!


4 Responses

  1. I hope you get the job! There is never any harm in applying. If you don’t get it – that doesn’t mean anything about you at all, it just means someone else fit that position just a bit better. Doesn’t mean they will do the job as well as you could. That’s the annoying thing about pecking order jobs or state jobs.

    I am doing a grain-free challenge this month. 4 days of the week I will be grain free for November if you care to join!

  2. 4 days a week? You betcha I’m in!!!

  3. I love that T-shirt! And good for you for applying, it’s got to be worth it and even if you don’t get it, you’ll give them a good impression because you’re confident, good luck 🙂

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