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Welcome to my gym

It’s a Sunday with no Packer game to watch but I have some blog catching up to do with you guys! Time for a 10 Day Bootcamp update and wrapping up some loose ends.


I’m still riding the excitement of the Cardinals winning the World Series. It may not ever happen again in my lifetime and you have to relish those things! After a Friday of trying to wrap things up at work so I could have a nice week of vacation without having to think about work, nothing went really well. I was supposed to leave at the usual time of 10:30 and head over for an 11am haircut. I called around 9:30 to reschedule for 1:30pm only to glance at my clock a few “seconds” later and realize that it was 1:23pm and no way I could get across town in time. Another phone call and tons of apologies and I’m scheduled for Tuesday. Hoping I can make it this time!

But even with staying late Friday… I was back in the office again on Saturday cranking out work. Bleh, so much for a nice start to vacation eh? However I’m happy to say I am rocking the 10 Day Bootcamp Challenge! Pounding water like I never have before and getting lots of exercise in. I made a breakfast different from the usual steel cut oats: omelet with cheese and grapes – oh yeah, and water!


I packed up my gym bag and decided to hit the gym at work after I was done. It’s kinda funny, having a gym on-site is one of those perks everyone wants to have… yet hardly anyone uses our gym. I used to go a lot when I was 5K training last year but then one day I left a very special piece of jewelry in the locker, which was stolen, and despite lots of reward posters in the restroom, I never got it back. So I haven’t felt like exercising next to people that potentially took it from me. I’m still so heartbroken over it.

However it was Saturday and no one was in the gym. Here’s a look (and please note the awesome view with the pretty Fall trees!!!)

Treadmills, elliptical, and stair-climber

Lots of dumbbells…

And a decent-sized circuit for working those muscles.


For my first day of Bootcamp I walked for 60 min outside and then stretched and did some ab work at home. This time I did 60min on the treadmill (which is boring!) and then followed it up with upper body circuit and stretching. Feeling good! I’m going to try and incorporate as many different exercises as possible this week. Should be fun!


Remember the tree a couple days ago that I marveled still had all its leaves? Not anymore!

Love Fall! Please don’t go away!!!

I hope you all are enjoying the weekend! I’m off to get some homework done and then I think Ben’s making more rice and beans for dinner. TTYL soon!




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  1. Wow! That is your work gym? That is so cool! I am surprised more people don’t use it. Too bad the dishonest people ruin it, though.

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