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A challenge begins tomorrow!

How was your Thursday everyone? I hope it was great and that you all have super-fun things planned for the weekend!

The plan right now is that tomorrow will be my last day of work and then I’m off enjoying a week of R&R at home. However I have a lot of things to tie up… so it might be either a late day in the office or a brief visit back on Monday. We’ll see.

With no class tonight and Ben working late tomorrow night, we went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. We’d both love to cook at home more (healthier and cheaper) but by the time we get to one another’s place and make something, it’s after 7 by the time we usually eat.

So Mexican saved the day…

Cute little place isn’t it?

But, like a lot of Mexican places around here, the lighting is low and dark – making photos really hard to take. But I did my best.

Thursday is margarita madness. Ben got a “fiesta” sized strawberry and I went with the regular sized raspberry

(I had the flash on and about 5 people turned to look at me so I turned the flash off after this!!)

Here’s a size comparison of our margaritas:

Ben’s was more than twice my size, although hard to see from my angle.

I went with the confetti nachos with cheese, lettuce, red onion, jalapenos (which were removed, thank you), tomatoes and sour cream. It also came with a side of some chipolte ranch

Ben got a burrito with rice and black beans

A fun thing about this place is that you get ridiculously hot & fresh lime chips and salsa before your meal and then mini mudslides as complimentary after-dinner drinks.

I’m such a lightweight – I took a tiny sip of this and about 3/4 of my margarita and felt a little wooooozy!



So now on to some fun stuff. I’m the kind of person who is NOT good making diet or exercise changes for extended periods of time. I get bored or loose motivation or simply don’t see results and get frustrated and quit. I’m much better staying on track when I have specific goals and a specific time frame in mind.


Enter the 10 Day Bootcamp Challenge!

Starting tomorrow: 10 days that include

10 glasses of water a day

10 hours of cardio (1hr minimum per day)

10 min of stretching each day

10 min of strength training each day

NO junk food (except my 1 drink on Thurs with my one-a-month buddies and 1 piece of my cheesecake attempt #2)

NO checking the scale until the end

So the plan is to start tomorrow and I’ll be sure to document how I do each week. I’m excited about this. A chance to go all out and see how I can do short-term. Stay tuned, should be exciting!!



One Response

  1. What? No jalapenos?? Send them my way!

    Good luck with the challenge. And hope you get through Halloween!

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