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The Magic of Multitasking

Last night I had a pizza date with my favorite guy:


We decided to split a pizza – no bacon or chicken on one side and no tomatoes on the other. I always get nervous when the waitress doesn’t write the order down… and she put chicken on the entire pizza so I had a little picking off of toppings to do. No worries though, the pizza was tasty and the company was A+!

I’m one of those people who has a hard time just plopping down and doing one thing. Lately my mind seems to center on a million things I need to do, should do, lists to remember, etc, etc… So a typical night for me lately looks something like this:

Turn on the TV to catch the Cardinals in action (rain-delay tonight – boo!)

Get lunch ready for tomorrow during commercials – chopping fruits and veggies.


Then doing some exercises like dumbbell curls

and ab crunches

Then skipping off to the shower for a quick scrubbing (this is usually timed when the innings switch so the commercial break is longer – ha ha) and then back to settle in for another activity:

Any guesses what this is supposed to be???



A golden retriever puppy! The original idea, back in April, was to make two of these as Christmas gifts for my mom and Ben’s mom. Well… as you saw from the above picture, I’m a bit behind. And that’s just the first one!



What about you? Do you multitask?

I’m working on my goals for my 10-day bootcamp. So excited to start. I’m going to go all-out and I’m excited to see what the end result is. Bootcamp starts Friday but I’ll post more details tomorrow.


Night all!




4 Responses

  1. I really want to learn to cross stitch! My sister-in-law does it, and it just looks so fun!
    I multitask all.the.time! The one my hubby hates is when I am watching tv AND reading a book. He keeps going, “I don’t know why you’re watching this… you aren’t paying attention.” But then I can quote back what is going on – and he just stares at me. Or when I’m reading or something – and he’s talking to me, and goes, “You aren’t even listening..” Yet again, I can quote back what he says!
    I love being able to do something while watching tv – because it doesn’t seem like such a waste of time then. Like tonight, I worked on a wreath I’m making… got it done – and got my shows in!
    I really need to add exercise back into my nightly routine. I use to do arm exercises and ab exercises during commercial breaks… got away from that. You have made me want to get back into it!
    Super long comment! Sorry!!

    • Are you kidding, I love all comments (short or long). It’s great to hear what everyone is doing! I’m with you on the TV watching. Just sitting there seems like a waste of time, so when I want to watch a show I always have something else I’m doing. During baseball a couple weeks ago I was working on my midterm study cards while watching. Way to show the hubby your multitasking talents! šŸ™‚

  2. I do multitask and sometimes it drives John nuts. He tells me to just relax sometimes LOL!

    That pizza looks so good!

  3. Hi Ali. WOW…those cross stiches are fantastic. Yup, I’m a multitasker too. Have a great Thursday.

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