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Making Pumpkin Scones

It was a dark and foggy morning…

Am I the only one who thinks fog is pretty cool??? Come on, it is spooky and funky!

Last night I got the itch to bake something quick and decided to try Lori’s pumpkin scones. Simple, easy, light on sugar, and without gluten! Yay!

Of course, I made a few modifications (don’t all bloggers??). I couldn’t find my gluten-free baking flour and didn’t have enough regular gluten free flours to mix together, so I went with regular flour and omitted the xanthan gum. I also opted for cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves instead of pumpkin-pie spice. My glaze was using a touch more cream cheese and stevia as the sweetener.

The trick to making uniform and perfect pieces is to make small scores to check the placement first before making the actual cutting. Word of warning – with a TABLESPOON of baking powder, you want to work quickly because the dough begins to rise right away and is harder to work with.

All cut up and ready to pop into the oven!

And just a couple minutes later…

Lovely looking scones!

Final product – all jazzed up with cream cheese frosting!

Really good. You could even decrease the sugar a bit more and still have a great end result. Can’t wait to dig out the gf flour and make these gluten-free!


Yummy Yummy!


Coming Up: Anyone want to join me in a 10-day bootcamp starting on Friday? It’s going to be challenging (heck, it’s boot camp baby!!) and will be 10 days straight of exercise, eating right, and not snacking. Should be good. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Yum! I do these recipes with whole wheat pastry flour normally and they are lighter than with the GF flour.

    Glad you liked them!

  2. Delicious!
    If I wasn’t hovering on running my marathon on Nov. 20, I’d be in boot camp with ya. Have fun with that. 🙂

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