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Lounging about

Happy beginning of the week everyone! I’m hoping you had great Saturday weather like me and lived it up!

Remember that tree right outside my apartment door that I love and take copious pictures of?

This is it about 10 days ago:

And this is it now:

The colors are so pretty here but it never fails that we get a few days of nasty winds that knock them all down prematurely!

But, moving on, Saturday was AMAZING. I think it almost hit 70 degrees. Even though my weekend plans involved cleaning inside, how can you waste this weather? So I strapped on my Garmin and ventured out in the neighborhood.

I always love the water fountain they have in the middle of a condo complex. Water fountains are awesome. IMHO 🙂

I was incognito spy Ali taking pictures of Fall/Halloween decor. Didn’t want people thinking I was crazy walking and stopping randomly to snap pictures. But it’s fun to see all the pumpkins and decorations.

These people seemed a bit confused though, they have their 4th of July bunting still hanging up, their pumpkins in the front yard, and their Christmas lights already up?! Maybe they leave them up all year?? I actually saw a lot of houses with lights up. Funny I’ve never noticed them before.

They even decked out the little mailroom. It’s interesting how they will decorate here for halloween but not for Christmas. Odd isn’t it?

Lots of stops, no running, but I clocked 2.35 miles. Nice afternoon exercise!

Sunday I went back to the orchard for more cider, but they were all out! How can they be out already!! November isn’t until NEXT week (eek!! where is the time going??)

So I settled in with a batch of popcorn cooked in coconut oil watching the Packers win, the Cardinals lose, and then swung by the airport to pick up Ben. He’s back from California, had a fantastic time, and wants to move there. Ha Ha. Apparently he likes the idea of 70 degree weather year-round. Me, I like snow for Christmas 🙂


Now it’s back to the work grind. In one week I’ll start vacation though. Just vegging around the house but it will be a great and much needed break! Have a super day everyone!


3 Responses

  1. I love checking out holiday decorations. We put a flag out for the Fourth but don’t decorate again until Christmas.

  2. I LOVE halloween decorations. You live in a lovely area, love the fountain. Have a great week.

  3. I stalk decorations when I go walking!

    We still have plenty of cider and apples around here. John likes to get the cider and let it go hard in the fridge (ewww!)

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