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Last minute dinner plans

With Ben packing his bags for California and my attempt to burn down my apartment complex cooking oatmeal, we decided to do a quick dinner out.

I mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the discount coupons like livingsocial and groupon. I scored another $50 gift cert for $25 at a local steak and seafood place called River’s Bend. -sigh- In a former life I *loved* steak and this whole vegetarian attempt was feeling a bit weak when confronted with lots of delicious steak options.

My apologies in advance for the wacky lighting for these pictures. There was a storm rolling in and we were in an open section of the restaruant with windows all around.

Here’s a picture of Ben’s salad. It actually was MY salad until I sat down and stared and noticed I but bacon bits on it. Ha! So Ben ate mine and I trotted back to the salad bar for the same thing sans bits. The lettuce offering was pretty pathetic I might add.

See how dark it got over the course of just eating our salads! Crazy!! I had the butternut squash ravioli in a lemon cream sauce.

Ben got a beautiful steak. It actually didn’t smell that great. I mean, I’m sure it smelled perfect (he said it tasted fantastic) but lately the smell of meat hasn’t done much for me.

I am sad to report my ravioli was a failure. The lemon sauce was way too strong and overpowered the entire dish. I scraped most of it off but could only get a couple of the noodles down before I gave up and went back for more salad.

We had a gorgeous view though, right on a little river, and if you look closely you can see how the wind is whipping crazy!

Just a little while later, the sky opened up, the wind and rain was pounding!

Here’s a shot of the ceiling, it took about 5 tries to get one where you could kind of see the downpouring of rain on the glass.

We got our bill and the waitress forgot to put Ben’s entree on it, so we had to flag her down. That would have been a rather pricey mistake!

Even a not-so-great tasting dinner is better than burning oats on your stovetop. Plus it was great to have a little time with Ben before he prances off. I’m jealous – I’ve never been to California before. He goes every year for some gaming convention called “blizzcon” with some of his friends.

The Cardinals whipped out a win for game 1 of the world series. Nice stuff!

Hope you all enjoy your almost-Friday!


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  1. I hate it when you go out to eat and the entree doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I think it is because my tastes have changed, maybe it is that way for you as well?

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