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Doing what you’re “supposed” to do

Hurray! Sound the trumpets! My midterms are over. Hurray hurray!

Let’s state, for the record, that last night’s midterm did NOT go well and leave it at that. It’s over; it’s done, and now all one can do it move on right?

Moving on to happier things…

For those who are living under a rock (or just don’t follow baseball, which is fine!), my Cardinals have made it to the World Series!

While this is thrilling to me, they beat the WI home team to get there and so I am persona non grata at work. Too bad!!

Fall colors are pretty much over now and I am amusing myself with the pretty pictures I find online, save, and can never remember where I found them!

Tell me you wouldn’t want to be here today instead of at work or wherever you are:


But… I’m stuck at work for a couple more days this week. Ben is getting ready to go to a gaming conference in California on Thursday. I’ll be the lone girl this weekend. I wonder what mischief I’ll get into. Probably a lot of overtime, I’m behind on some work projects!

I have aways kept a list of things in the back of my head that I’ve known I was supposed to do: eat better, exercise more, floss my teeth each night, etc…  One of my biggest challenges is putting forth the plan and executing the plan to work on those things.

This week I’m tackling stretching! I’ve always known I should stretch more. I hunch over at my desk at work all day and I know that’s not good for me or my posture. So I poked around online and got a stretching DVD with good reviews:

I’m a fan of the Cathe DVD series. I bought a step and her basic step on VHS years ago (VHS = ancient). I need to get a DVD now so I can continue. My VHS player is long gone. Can you even BUY those anymore?

So this DVD is enroute and I am excited to give it a try and see how it works for me. I have a few areas I’d like to stretch out more and I am hoping this sucker will help. I’ll keep you posted.

OK this busy girl is off to work. Have a great day everyone!


2 Responses

  1. Stretching is so good for you. I have been working at doing that at least 2 times a week (baby steps LOL).

  2. HI Ali, what a great picture of you. You look really happy!!! Love stretch workouts. Hope your Tuesday has gone well.

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