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Breast Cancer Walk 2011

Did you all have a great weekend? I certainly hope so! We’re in between innings watching the Cardinal / Brewers game 6 and without being too optimistic, things are looking good for the Cardinals!

Yesterday morning I woke up and headed over to Lambeau Field for the Breast Cancer run/walk. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been to this event twice cheering on Alex (he’s taken a gold and silver in the 5mile run before) but I’ve never done the walk myself. This was the year!

One of the fun things about events like this is that lots of organizations and groups come up with team shirts to wear and it’s pretty fun to look at how creative some of them are. But, the show-stoppers this year were a group of people dressed up like characters from Star Wars!

I guess it helps when Halloween is right around the corner and the stores are full of costumes eh?

There were so many people it was hard to get a good shot, but you can see they had a lot of people involved.

Here’s the starting gate and in the background you can see the Bart Starr tailgate zone the Packers set up in the Lambeau parking lot. Now people can pay and tailgate inside the zone before home games. What will they think of next?

I should mention it was absolutely FREEZING out. The wind was whipping like crazy and my ears were hurting from the cold almost right away. Silly girl didn’t think to pack mittens or a hat and while I had a hood, it doesn’t have a tie and kept flying off. There are quite a few walkers so the pace for the walking part was pretty slow. I just kept my head down and muddled through. I was pretty happy to be done though, my eyes looked terrible. Any casual observer probably thought something was wrong because I had full-on tears from the wind in my eyes. Eek

Happy to be done, freezing cold, and ready for some warm coffee!!

It’s certainly a unique experience to do any event like this by yourself. Normally I know someone who is doing it too but this time I showed up, walked, and left without talking to a soul. If I were to do it again I think I would bring my ipod or a friend along – it really helps! (oh, and mittens too!!)


We had a 1/2 price coupon deal for a local restaurant we tried that night: Regatta 220.

We had a table in the middle of the room but the view was awesome. They have an outdoor bar area that’s always hopping during the summer and you can just see the Fox River in the background.

Up close

All the tables have brown paper on them and they put crayons on each table so you can doodle while you eat. Ben never writes anything but I always draw something silly (I have no artistic talent for drawing).

They make an A+ pina colada though. Ben went with a blueberry beer.

Ben’s entree: sauteed gnocchi with bacon and smoked chicken in a cream sauce. Very pretty, Ben said the chicken was very juicy and tender but that it was very heavy on the bacon.

Keeping the vegetarian thing going, I went with their veggie pizza on a gluten-free crust. Yellow squash, onions, spinach, feta, and mozzarella.

Up close – cheezy deliciousness! Yum!

I’ve noticed that since going vegetarian I’ve tried more interesting things that I’ve really enjoyed. Branching out a bit is fun, don’t you think? I’m picking options I never would have before and finding new combinations that are pretty tasty!


Now I have plenty of leftovers for dinner tomorrow. Midterm #2 is right after work. Time to get back to watching the ballgame and then it’s off to bed. On call week is over so hopefully this will be a painless week!



4 Responses

  1. Heavy on the bacon? Is that possible??

    Congrats on the walk – it looked like a nice day in the picture LOL!

    • Typically I would agree with you, bring on the bacon! Maybe it’s because I haven’t had meat in a while?? Not sure, but even Ben said it was a bit heavy – I wonder if that’s because it was a pretty heavy dish to begin with and just a bacon dusting would have been better?

  2. Hi Ali, Congratulations on the walk. It’s for such a good cause. Hope your Monday is a good one.

  3. Great cause and good walk. I bet freezing but still completing the walk made all that good food worth it.

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