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Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away!

Are you all getting sick of me talking about how much I love Fall and how great the weather is?? Well, I do and it is!! High 70s in WI do NOT happen in October. *relish*

I spent a couple glorious hours basking in this

I made a funky chocolate chip muffin (in a bowl) with hazelnut flour. Not too bad, but I had to eat it with a spoon. Needed an egg or flax for binding. Still yummy

It felt like I ran a million errands this afternoon. Then I spent more time cleaning the grout at Ben’s house. Not sure why some tiles are so dark. They look horrid. Was hoping extra elbow grease would clean them up… but it appears not. Now I’m thinking of getting some paint and lighting brushing over the dark spots. Good idea or crazy?

Ben went golfing with some of his buddies and they had a blast. Perfect weather. After dropping off my mountain of groceries we drove to my parents for dinner.

Someone along the way smoking out the entire road with a backyard campfire

Ben amused himself looking at some of my mom’s collection of Confederate money

Dad grilled burgers for the boys, salmon for mom & dad, and a California burger (veggie) for me

(Go Cardinals!!)

The eats:

Tomorrow we have the open house. Fingers crossed! Lots going on tomorrow too. I have a couple more flowers to plant (Apparently I kill mums), we need more apple cider, I have an observation study I have to do for class, we have the baseball game (scary – Ben’s team against my team. Winner advances to the World Series!!), then the Packer game, and somewhere in there the usual Sunday stuff like laundry and getting ready for work on Monday. Phew

Tired just thinking about it. Oh yes, and tomorrow is an experiment. I am making apple butter!!

Are your fingers crossed about the open house??


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  1. Hi Ali, looks like such a great day. Good luck on the open house. I have my fingers crossed for you. Have a good Monday.

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