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Happy Saturday Everyone

Just a quick post now since I was MIA last night. We got word that Ben had another showing – at 4:45 so I scrambled over to his place to get started on some cleaning.


We paid to have some grout repaired and the guy did a lousy job. For whatever reason there are dark (glue?) marks on a bunch of tiles and some old areas that weren’t done have grout marks so dark even scrubbing didn’t fix. Very disappointing!


We packed the cat up and drove around for 45min (they recommend 30 but we like to give extra time), came back, and the place looked like no one had walked through! So we began unpacking, turning off all the lights, putting the litter boxes back out, when two cars pulled into the driveway (1hr and 10 min late!). So we had to hurry and scoop everything up and dash outside. Pumpkin was NOT happy to be put back into the crate.


I hate seeing the people because I wonder if it influences their decision when they see the homeowner or not. This was an older couple than us (late 40s) and I wonder what they thought to be looking at a house owned by someone in their very early 30s.


Anyway,  more driving around… They were in and out very quickly. Probably felt rushed. Too bad. Pumpkin was so thrilled with us he ran into the corner and pee’ed. So now we had to take care of that too.


And there’s an open house on Sunday. In the middle of all the sports games. Hectic!


But that’s tomorrow and I’ll worry about that then. Meanwhile Ben is joining some friends for a morning of golf. His first time out all year! The weather these couple days has been beyond perfection. The Fall colors are glorious. I’m sipping some coffee and about to tackle some cleaning so I can enjoy the afternoon and soak up some last-minute sunrays.


ENJOY your day!


2 Responses

  1. Shame on that realtor for not calling and telling you they were going to be late. More than an hour after a scheduled showing is ridiculous!

    I think people don’t worry about seeing the owner as a house can have so many owners over the years, young and old. When we looked at houses, we just didn’t want the owners to be there so we could discuss honestly.

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