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Wrapping Up September

“Wake me up, when September ends”

— Green Day

But I have to ask, why would anyone want to miss out on September?

Look how dark it is now, this is 45min after I wake up and the flash made it look a bit brighter than it was!

A quick shot leaving work, overcast and starting to rain

windy, windy storm clouds

And then the sun came out and all was beautiful

Living on the wild side with chocolate peanut butter on my oats this morning. It melted down and was oh-so-perfect on top.

After some quick errands for fabric softener, blue scrubbies, and black thread, I was back at home doing laundry and working on assignments. I adore having Friday afternoons when I am productive. Makes the weekend get off to a good start!

And then it was time to meet Renee for some Mexican! Ole! They had fun decor. Mexican restaurants always look colorful and vibrant, but I can’t imagine my kitchen ever looking this way. Ha Ha 🙂

I had the vegetarian quesadilla with black beans and rice. The veggies were green and red peppers, red and yellow onions, mushrooms (which I picked around, don’t like cooked mushrooms in things), and broccoli.Very tasty but filling! I only hate 1/2 the rice, 1/4 of the beans, and 1/2 the tortilla.

Since tomorrow marks October 1st and the beginning of the final quarter of the year(!!) it’s time to buckle down and get serious. I am not going to make any ridiculous goals: just 2.

End of Year Goal #1:

Loose 10 pounds. So I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning and I need to be at least 10lbs lower before Dec 31st. Game on!

End of Year Goal #2:

Do some form of fitness activity 2x a week, every week. This goal could fall apart really soon so I am making it generic. It can be stretching, weights, cardio, etc… anything as long as it is something. But I think the key to goal #1 is establishing more of goal #2.

Tomorrow is the start of Major League Baseball playoffs! Both my team and Ben’s team made the playoffs so there should be some fun stuff to watch tomorrow. I also think it’s Ben’s mom’s birthday so a trip to The Bar might be in store for her to get her mug. Not a place I go to often (well, any bar really), but it’s fun on birthdays to get the free mug. Alex really liked going on his birthday.

Question: Are you making end of the year goals? If so, what are yours? I’d love to hear them!

Now… it looks like this outside. Adios amigos!


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  1. I have to post my goals for October. I know for sure that I will be posting a pink picture on my blog each day for Breast Cancer awareness!

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