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Busy Schoolgirl

Whoa am I out of school practice. We needed to write a one page paper identifying some new product and then the associated risks and mitigation. Sound like fun? I started writing it 3 hours ago and just finished. My new product? Cafe Almond – a new line of coffee drinks at Starbucks made with almond instead of dairy milk. Would you buy that?

Now with my paper ready to go for tomorrow, I won’t have to worry about making last-minute tweaks.

This morning I whipped up more steel cut oats. I’ve got to say, I love steel cut oats. The chewiness is amazing. I also like them HOT. I just throw it all into a pot as soon as I wake up and then it simmers as I get ready.

Simmer simmer…

I put in a tablespoon of flax seed and a few tablespoons of coconut milk. I love the added creaminess the milk gives the oats!

And I may or may not have topped with some extra butterscotch chips from my last cookie experiment

A delicious bowl that I carry to work and eat at leisure. It fills me up and keeps me happy. 🙂

I was too busy to get lunch together too so I grabbed the cafeteria offering of a veggie burger with sun-dried tomato cheese and sweet potato french fries. I think it’s the first time I’ve eaten in the cafeteria in a year. I don’t want to know how much soy was in that veggie burger. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

The sun-dried tomato topping was incredible and really made the burger. I didn’t get a bun and only munched on a few fries. For as much as I LOVE sweet potatoes, I’ve never found a sweet potato fry that I’ve really liked.

You’ll laugh at my dinner choice. I was craving chocolate so I made my chocolate coconut cakes and added a scoop of protein powder in. Ha! It was definitely more dense with the powder and the flavor wasn’t *quite* as great, but I wanted the protein and did what I had to do. So there!

Yummy yummy in my tummy

I think I need a roommate to help split up meal-cooking with. Between working full time and taking 2 classes, this chick has little time for cooking. Anyone have speedy recipes for singles? Send ’em my way!

Now I’m off to bed to dream of a world with almond milk Starbucks lattes.

(Admit it, you were dreaming of it too! 😉 )


5 Responses

  1. I clearly have not been to Starbucks in a LONG time. Didn’t even know they were offering almond milk!
    I don’t have any speedy recipes. Sorry. But you could put something in a slow cooker before work – and by the time you get home, it’ll be done! Granted you’d have to prep it the night before, but I usually find that I have more energy at night – then when I’m hungry and want food.now.
    Also granted, I’m a stay at home mom, and I still have a hard time cooking dinners.
    Don’t take any advice from me…. :\

    • They DON’T offer almond milk. My proposal was stating that I thought they should. 🙂

      I wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home mom. I think that would be fun!! Crock pot cooking is a fantastic idea though and usually I have leftovers that would last for a couple meals. I should look into that this weekend when grocery shopping!

  2. Great idea for Starbucks.
    You’ve got some awesome eats going on. Enjoy school while it lasts. Believe me, you’ll miss it when its over. Then you’ll be so desperate for classes you’ll end up taking swimming at a local college (whoops! just gave up my secret.). 😉

  3. I don’t have any super speedy recipes, but when I was a single girl, I’d cook big batches of chili or stew and freeze enough for one portion. Hang in there busy lady!!!

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