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A Long Drive

Well, we got through Monday didn’t we?

I’ve gotta say, I’ve noticed a trend here. Whenever I post anything about cookies, new people come out of the woodwork. I like it. Welcome bloggies! If you need a sugar fix, you can go here or here to help! 🙂

You’ll all have to indulge me just a little bit here. We didn’t meet at the usual place for class tonight. Instead we trekked 30 min away to the university (through rush hour and the nasty traffic due to road construction, in the pouring rain, uphill, on foot… ok maybe not the last two). Anyway I get there and have to pay to park because it’s only 6pm and they charge parking until 7.  You also get to pay the full days amount regardless of when you get there. –sigh–

Class was great though, we spent it in front of a computer learning how to click a button that said “database search” and then learned how to type in what we were looking for and hit the “Search” button to see our results. Marvelous. I feel so smart now.

Ok, enough of that.

Remember how I told you I tend to eat in ruts and eat the same things? This can be a problem because, unless you’re doing a phenomenal job getting a well-balanced array of nutrients, you are bound to be deficient in something. By no real design, I have been eating vegetarian the last 2 weeks and I’m not sold on feeling better – mostly because I don’t feel like there are enough easy ways for me to get protein naturally and without soy or protein powders.

Ben is happy to hear this. Ha ha. I think what it means is I’ll likely cut the red meat and eat limited organic chicken.

Tonight though I had some organic lentil and carrot soup – one can packed 16g of protein. Ye-haw!

Alongside some blueberries. I have no control over berries. One pint equals one serving for me. I munch and munch until they are all gone!

Remember how I said I drove to class in the rain? I think that’s what this whole week will look like!

So time for some food evaluation plus I need to get back on some sort of exercise bandwagon. Apparently the scale also does not like vegetarianism so there are some pounds I put on in the last couple weeks that need to come off ASAP.

Go away rain so I can go outside and walk! 🙂

Stay dry, wherever you are!



4 Responses

  1. That blows about the parking! Psht!
    I love the rain – but I seriously wanted to get out today to walk – but every time I looked out it looked as if it were going to downpour!
    Those blueberries look delicious – however, I hate raw blueberries. Eh, I don’t know why – but seriously, gross. But I can eat them baked into things… I don’t get it.

    • It’s funny you say that – before this summer the only way you’d be able to get me to eat blueberries would be to stick them in a muffin (and even that way they’d be down on the muffin list!) but this summer I tasted some super sweet, fresh ones at Whole Foods and thought they were delicious. I’m converted 🙂

      Just don’t ask me to try kiwi

  2. You do have to be really careful when eating vegetarian (and especially vegan) about getting in all your nutrients. Especially vitamin B.

    Of course, you do have to pay attention with any diet really. 😀

    I tend to get in ruts, but I do try to vary some things. I am the worst with veggies. I always eat the same ones!

  3. Hi Ali. GRRR about that parking fee. And WOW…the last photo is spectacular!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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