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An Apple a Day

It’s the time of year for apples! I love apples but I really love all the stuff you can do with apples. Ben and I headed to the local apple orchard to get some yummy apple items:

The orchard is a leaisurely 10 minute drive out into the countryside. The Fall colors are just starting to pop out and I think it will be a few weeks yet before peak color season.

This orchard is set up really cute: a petting zoo for the kids, a “tour” of the orchard, and a little play area for kids to mess around in. It’s HOPPING and there were people all over directing traffic.

I think the gourds and mini pumpkins are so cute. Ben picked up a couple in various shapes and colors. Look at the interesting selection!

Ben picked out our usual caramel apple cookies and apple-filled cookies while I snagged a few gallons of their cider. I was pausing over which apples to buy when a dark cloud entered my head and I asked the sales lady if they used pesticides.

Her reply? “Absolutely”

Total epic fail! As I am sure many of your know, apples are one of the most pesticide-ridden fruits/veggies out there. It goes to show you that just because you are buying local, it doesn’t mean it’s pesticide free, organic, or anything else you may think. When in doubt, ask.

No apples were purchased – I’ll have to get some organic ones from the store. Very disappointing. The benefits of buying local are (obviously) supporting the local company but also benefitting from fresher produce. I am now wondering if we’ll ever go there again (especially considering I dropped a whopping $6.50 on just 3 organic peppers). You can’t always go pesticide-free, nor is it finanically practical, so I tend to stick to my guns when it comes with the worst offenders.

Shame on you Apple Valley Orchard!

Meanwhile, I showed you some landscaping improvements yesterday but here’s the latest interesting purchase: the fake owl. Right now he’s precariously perching on the flagpole until we can find a better place for him. But he’s doing his job and keeping the birds from ruining all of our fence-painting!

Look what I spied when doing yard surveillance?

That was from the shed and luckily it appears to not have any active visitors. We don’t need to go through all of that again!

Ben’s neighbor is encroaching on the back yard with her mini garden. It makes me really itch for my own!!


Raspberries – and on BEN’S side of the fence (does that make them mine? Kidding! sort of 😉 ) –sigh–

Time to scurry scurry off to class. Hopefully it will go fast!


2 Responses

  1. Cough – if it’s on Ben’s side of the fence, it’s yours for the taking! – Cough….

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