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The Changing of the Seasons

Hope your weekend was fantastic. The weather here was incredible today – just perfect and exactly why I love Fall.

After Ben ate half my oats yesterday I promised I’d drive over and make him his own bowl today. Steel cut oats with coconut milk and flax.

With some mini chips on top – because that’s how we roll!

Love how melty and delicious they get. Yum! (I have some overnight oats soaking for breakfast tomorrow, thanks for the idea Lori!)

I mentioned how we bought a few small mums for added color in the garden. Well we somehow managed to lose the trowel and trusting guys to water poor little plants isn’t a good idea. They looked pretty sad. We picked up two larger plants and I ripped out the old and put in some new!

Before shots:

Look how BIG that corn plant has grown!

Luckily for me Ben doesn’t question when I decide to switch up perfectly good flowers to plant new ones. He happily agrees to do whatever I want. What a guy 🙂 So I began ripping out a couple petunias. It’s amazing how they flourished. Everything I planted did so well. I am shocked! Look how big one little plant was:

I’m not crazy about the placement. My plant William was where I wanted to plant the mum to balance out the other side but he’s gone through so much trauma and kept growing I felt he needed some peace. Plus I’m not sure how much longer the petunias will be around before the frost kills them.


I’m still learning but I love doing it and can’t wait for my own garden space some day!! Lucky Ben lets me dig around in his dirt whenever I want.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Fall colors. One tree on my street, in particular, I’ve always found to be just stunning. I snapped this picture a couple weeks ago:

And here we are two weeks later:

Don’t you agree?

The rest of the day was spent cheering on the Packers and now I’m chopping veggies, washing clothes, and watching Sunday Night Football. Perfect way to end a weekend.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Have a great Monday everyone!


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  1. Lucky you. You have a green thumb. I’m so bad at growing anything. I start with good intentions. Although our cherry tomato plant is still going great guns. No thanks to me, since Ted planted it, we both left it alone, and now it’s producing delicious cherry toms like nobodies bus.

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