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A Morning Frost

You know it’s Autumn (calendar or not) when you wake up, walk outside, and see frost on the rooftops. Nothing on the ground but a fine, white covering on all the houses. It’s cold now and it almost seems like it happened overnight. Heck, last weekend I was walking the Dash and sweating like a crazy woman at a football game! How fast time flies…

With classes over with until Monday and only a couple chapters to get out of the way tomorrow, tonight was much needed R&R. I’ve been rushing so much in the evenings that by the time my exhausted head hits the pillow I am still too wired to fall asleep!

I didn’t feel like making anything for dinner tonight. I’m lazy, what can I say? 🙂 But chocolate and peanut butter sounded good, as always.

Mixed together an egg, honey peanut butter, chocolate chips, cocoa, baking powder, protein powder, rice flour, a shake of salt and a splash of vanilla.

Zapped in el microwave-o until cooked in the center and then inverted onto plate

Topped with a peanut butter, almond milk, and touch of cream combo. Mighty tasty, super quick, perfect for this lazy girl!

But I do still have all of these things to do something with. What should I make?? Although I must admit, the raspberry yogurt pretzels were really disgusting and were tossed. Incidentally they were probably the most unhealthy bit of this lot anyway.

Tomorrow I hopefully will be done with work at the usual time so I can get some cleaning and organizing done! Mom called and some more food items I ordered arrived that I need to pick up.

Oh yes… I also still need to deal with all of this:

Wish me luck!


One Response

  1. Oh my… What you made for dinner looks SO good!
    And that is what my kitchen looks like! Argh! Seeing your picture, reminds me of what I need to do!
    So much to do… No motivation to do it!
    Good luck!

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