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A Football Game and A Foxy Cruise!

Ahhh a day after the Dash and my body feels it! Yesterday I didn’t notice any muscle soreness but today I am noticing it in some odd places. I am so glad I did the race. It is good to keep up with traditions, especially healthy ones, don’t you think?

I think the best part of doing any run is the swag you get – in this case the Dash t-shirt. Here is my Dash stash:

2007 is the white, 2008 is the brown, 2009 is the light blue, 2010 is the aqua, and 2011 is the UGLY orange. Ben must have sensed my disgusted look because he quickly piped in “well at least you won’t get shot in the woods”! Humph, when am I ever IN the woods??

After the dash I was tired and hungry so I did a quick shower and met up with Ben at our usual breakfast joint – only for “brunch” instead of breakfast. This is the time to go though, we had a whole section to ourselves!

And I had amazing company…

After munching and talking we drove over to pick up Alex and head to watch the local college football team play. We had *thought* it was supposed to be 75 as the high but we were really hot and in full sun the entire game!

Go Green Knights!

The Knight mascot – luckily he went indoors after the game started. I was worried how hot that costume must have been!

Two happy guys – the Knights won!

They have a gorgeous new facility and it was so cool to watch them play. Definitely a different experience from watching the NFL!

This morning Ben and I signed up to go on a cruise up and down the Fox River. I scored a half price deal online and we thought a leisurely brunch on a Sunday sounded like the perfect cruise to use it on.

Here’s the ship/yacht/boat – whatever you call it 🙂

The Foxy Lady II – very swanky

Upstairs seating area and back deck

Upstairs bar

Lots to see and total sunshine! Who would have guessed 86 degrees today?! Whoa!

Look at all the wasp hives – I was amazed

We went under lots of bridges and disturbed many auto drivers. Ha ha

Coal and concrete plants

Ben said there is a man-made island where they dump all the dirt when they dredge the river each year. It definitely looks like a real island!

We sampled good eats…

Pestered Captn Mitch for a shot of the wheel & gadgets…

And tried several attempts at a timed photo….

A great time!!

After a quick stop for some grocery eats, a bit of NFL football watching, and some online browsing, it was time to get back to reality. Tomorrow I have the first class of course #2 and we ALREADY have a quiz and 2 papers due! Who does that, seriously?? Guess what I’ll be doing tonight??

But, I am a bit smarter. One of the big things each night is veggie chopping for my lunch salads. I chopped and chopped tonight so tomorrow I can whip it all together in no time!

Time management will be crucial these next weeks!!

Off to study, have a great night!


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  1. I love boat cruises! That looks like fun 😀

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