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Dash For a Splash 2011

The race is over!

I woke up this morning with a weird ear thing – it felt like water in my ears and a lot of pressure. Plus allergies were acting up big time. But I got a lot of sleep and began stretching and fueling for the race

Maple Walnut coffee with rice cakes and chocolate peanut butter. Mmm

I’ve done the race so many times before that this was pretty much ‘old hat’. You can show up 30min before gun time and have ample time to get your shirt and bib number, pose for pics, and stretch.

All lined up and ready to go. See the guy up front pushing the stroller? He wins every year with ridiculous race times!

I love this race because it is pretty flat, there aren’t a lot of people, and it winds and weaves through back neighborhoods so it’s quiet and relaxing. The weather was supposed to be 60 at gun time but whoa, someone got it wrong because I was HOT almost immediately after starting.

I know I started too fast and ran too long right at the beginning. Within the first 2min my heart rate had already cruised over 180 – and I couldn’t get it lower than that the rest of the race. In fact, glancing at my Garmin at the 2 mile mark I noticed I was over 195! Whoa. I’ve never ever seen it that high and it scared me.

I started doing a lot of walking trying to take deep breaths and see if I could get down under 180. No dice. The slower I went the more frustrated I got so I picked up the pace and then felt like I was going to throw up. OK, back to walking.

Admittedly it was not my best race. It was not my best time either. But I finished and was so glad I did. Sometimes we think slacking on training won’t matter – but it really does. I am definitely not a runner and I need all the help I can get.

So, here’s the final look at Garmin about 5 minutes after I’d finished:

Not great but it’s something to improve upon for next year right?

check out these break-down stats:

This is small but the red line is my heart rate and at the .2 mile mark it was already over 180 and it never dropped the rest of the race. Whoa baby – wouldn’t recommend 40min with that kind of heart rate! On the plus side, I burned 730 calories 🙂

Victorious runners (with a weird camera setting!)

The race combines with a booyah fundraiser that Ben had mentioned yesterday so I wasn’t surprised to see him with a pail

Not sure why but booyah right after a race never appeals to me… But they get the same guy to make it every year and it really is delicious!

Alex was not his fastest either – and came in just over 20min but still good enough for 2nd in his category

this is a very low-budget race and without chips they pull your bib info off as you cross the finish line. Individual awards get a towel – keeping with the “Dash for a Splash” theme. The proceeds benefit the school’s therapy pool – which is a HUGE help to a lot of the wheelchair and muscular handicapped children.

Towels for the winners!

You can’t break a record every run and you don’t get anywhere without trying at all. I knew I was not in my best racing shape, and I could have just passed on this year’s run. But I am proud of going out and finishing and if anything, the hunger is stronger to be back faster next year!


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  1. Great job! You certainly can’t PR every race and doing it for a good cause is always its own reward 😀

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