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Back to School

Good afternoon all of you! This is a quickie post and an afternoon one to boot! I’m sitting here biting my nails because in just a couple of hours I’ll be back in the classroom starting my first day back in school. I just printed out the Syllabus and it looks like we have a quiz tonight. Sheesh! Way to get crack-a-lacking!

But… on a more exciting and delicious note…

Pumpkin Spice lattes are back at Starbucks! I am totally NOT a Starbucks fan for two three reasons:

1. I’ve never gotten my drink in under 5 minutes. When I want my coffee I want it NOW. I don’t want to wait in line. I really don’t want to wait in line for 17 minutes the way I did last time.

2. It’s SO pricey. It’s coffee, milk, sugar, and some whipped cream and flavorings. Does it really need to cost me $5? I would go broke if I indulged there whenever I had a coffee urge. Instead I get the large McDonalds iced coffees which are larger than the large Starbucks and run $2.31 with tax.

3. The last time I bought a drink there I didn’t even like it. So my $5 was immediately dumped into the trash. But that isn’t really my #3. Ever looked at the fat, calories, etc, etc, in the drinks? You’d fall off your chair. How about the sugar?? Egads! Somehow though, ordering a skinny latte takes away all the fun of ordering an indulgent splurgy wickedly delicious drink.

But all that is, temporarily, forgotten. Pumpkin Spice has returned. It is my FAVORITE. The first time I had one was last year. My family and I were taking a mini ‘vacation’ in FL visiting relatives after the death of my grandma. Ben had been out of town the week before and he flew back into Green Bay the day I flew out – just missing each other. I left a day early to get stuff organized and ready for work the next day. With 3 different flight legs, massive layovers, flight re-bookings, etc, etc… I called Ben telling him I wouldn’t be ontime flying in. He told me to find a Starbucks and drink a “pumpkin latte”.

Ben is so smart.

Definitely the best Starbucks drink ever created. It is worth the 17 minute wait. It is worth the $5, the mega calories, the weekly allotment of sugar, and the fat it contains.

But thank GOD it is only here for a limited time every year or this girl would be in trouble! 🙂


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  1. I don’t drink sweetened coffee drinks any more. I used to, but I lost the taste for them. *Except* the eggnog latte. I love those!

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