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Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday today. It’s awesome to have a day more to relax but it’s sad to mark the end of the Summer isn’t it? But there’s plenty of exciting stuff to look forward to – and my calendar for the rest of the week is JAM-PACKED!

We won’t get any feedback on the showing for a day or two but I am excited. I think we’ve made some awesome changes and I hope the right family sees the house soon. I’m impatient. šŸ™‚ This morning I drove over so Ben and I could do our usual weekend breakfast trip and spotted this in the hedgerow:

Could you spot it? How about up close?

A pretty purple flower. It kind of reminds me of a bean plant with the way the vine wraps around. I haveĀ no idea where this came from

All up and down the street there are remnants of Friday’s huge storm. I sure hope these people had homeowner’s insurance because there is siding and roof damage!

This afternoon I decided I didn’t have enough cupboard space andĀ needed to weed out some old stuff and reorganize. Here’s the before:

Yuck – everything out of the bottom cupboards to be sorted and organized. I think IĀ need a lazy susan for my spices. This was a much bigger project than I thought and sadly it has’t progressed much from these photos. *cough* Maybe a project for Thursday??

Tomorrow is Alex’s 21st birthday and Ben promised to take him to the bar to celebrate. (boys will be boys) Since we’ll pick up Matt and Alex after work and do dinner with their drinks, we did the family celebration today.

Birthday boy

Can you see his shirt? He is one of SIX people in the entire STATE who has earned the President’s Challege Platinum Award. Super, mega cool.

For my birthday I got a ice cream maker and we made our first fresh batch!

This tasted amazing but we were a bit short of time so it ended up being slightly more soft-serve than we hoped. Still tasty-wasty. Mom made a 100% organic chocolate cake that rocked my face off.

And my 4 year oldĀ nephew Xavier was there but the idea of cake was too exciting to sit still long enough for a picture!

We *almost* got a perfect shot in the end:

What a cutie. I think he takes after his aunt šŸ˜‰

I’m tuckered out. Time to make a salad for lunch tomorrow and head to bed!


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  1. Love the photos Ali!!! Have a great week.

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